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There are myriad benefits of having social media pages for your private dental practice. For instance, Facebook pages drive traffic to your webpages, increase the flow of people to your practice, just to list a few! If you have already gotten a Facebook page for your practice, then you are ahead of 37% of dentists out there! Now the question is, what should you post on your Facebook/social media pages so that you get the engagement you want?

  1. Ask questions
    1. Asking questions on your Facebook/Twitter page is a great way to engage audience. However, one thing that should be kept in mind is that the customers/patients do not like to be deemed incorrect, especially on a social media site. So, in order to avoid such occurrence, ask questions that do not have a right/wrong answer. For instance, what is their favorite toothpaste? What parts of the routine cleaning do they like the most? What do they think of recent changes in your office, dental practice, webpage, etc? Social media users love discussing and potentially giving advice.
  2. Share stories
    1. This could range from sharing stories of success and photos of your staff members on special occasions such as Halloween, Christmas and New Year to sharing photos of patients who have given great testaments of your service. Photos of people are a great way to get quality engagement of audience to your social media page.
  3. Hold a contest
    1. Create a contest strictly for your Facebook fans. Maybe host a trivia contest were your fans are asked to guess something about their dental routine check-up, or even about the dentist and offer a prize to the winner. The prize could range from tickets to various places/events, or even dinners at quality restaurants. This will get the audience engaged in your social media site and will even attract more patients to your practice.
  4. Post content at peak times
    1. As trivial as this may sound, it is necessary to post your content on social media when people will be accessing it the most. Too early may prove to be disadvantageous as well as too late. However, midday may not be the best either as people are usually occupied in their daily routines. Therefore, the best times would be in the morning, or in the evening, around the times most people are off for the day.
  5. Offer dental tips, tricks and techniques
    1. This is a dental page after all! Once a week, try to input a set of dental tips for your patients. They could range from the importance of proper dental hygiene to information of dental technology around the world—there is really no limit to the amount of dental information you can have on there. However, when posting the information, ensure that the content is in simple laymen terms, as opposed to the language of a scientific journal. Simple tips go a long way, and can increase audience interest and traffic if they prove to be beneficial/ informative.

The above mentioned content can not only prove useful for a Facebook fan page, but also for other social media sites such as GooglePlus, Twitter,  Instagram and even Pinterest. The longer you wait, the more you have to lose. Social media marketing, when done right, can lead to more customers, more traffic, and more conversions, and it’s here to stay, for as long as we can think.

With the emergence of new social media platforms, consumers are spending more time on social media than any other form of website. For companies, showing resistance to social media is futile. Millions of people are creating content for the web, and your competitors are already ahead by using social media. You need to put your businesses out there. This opportunity cannot be squandered as it gives you an opportunity to connect with your consumer, to shape your brand and develop long term customer relationships at a fraction of “above the line” media costs.

Here are a few ways through which you can leverage social media today:

Public relations

Well over 350 million people are reached through the social media platform every single day. These platforms have the ability to connect directly to the hearts and minds of the consumers, voters and public media. Social media platforms give the ability to instantly deliver messages to millions of people and the impact that it can have on public relations is ground shaking. However, crafting messages that are inevitable, all the while embracing transparency are the foundations for success.

Customer support

For many businesses, long after the sale has been made, a hidden cost is discovered, in the form of customer support costs. Good customer service is essential to maintaining a positive brand image, and it is absolutely required to avoid the returns of the products. Traditionally, customer support has been viewed as a cost center. However, some of the smart brands are starting to use social networks to help offload their support costs to a community of super users. This results in a net effect of two fold. The consumers are satisfied as they get the support they need and feel connected to a larger group of consumers who also have the same product.

Market Research

The value that good information holds is immeasurable. After the launch of your new brand, targeting the pool of consumers does not happen with the four walls of your company. Traditionally, people rely on expensive firms that cost both time and money. However, having access to tens of millions of consumers who are openly talking about their rational and emotional needs is a newly discovered goldmine for market research.

These are some of the areas that can add potential to your business and bring in a stronger pool of consumers for you. Other areas include promotions, consumer education, and sales and new product development.

Let’s be real, in the complex and ever changing world of social media, it is easy for even the best one of us to take a wrong turn and get lost. That’s why it is absolutely necessary to strategize through the four step process for successful social media; plan, build promote and measure. It is of utmost importance to identify the right strategic opportunities for best leveraging your assets and resources, so you can focus on building meaningful customer relationships, increase organization effectiveness, and grow your social platform effectively.

What is digital content? It is an imprecise and ambiguous topic that is not well defined. Many business owners struggle with questions like “What sort of content should we create?” or “What should we post on our social media business page?” First of all, content should be goal driven in order to accomplish something for a perticular business. The type of content business owners post on their marketing pages should be driven by what they aim to achieve in the long run. For most, the ultimate goal is to make some form of profit, maybe change the world, but mainly to gain something. But in order to make money, most sites and social media platforms need to have several different types of content. These may include 4 key types such as content to entertain, content to educate, content to persuade, and content to convert. Read on to find out more details on each type of content.


Why does your business page need content to entertain?

You may ask why you should include content to entertain your audience if you want to make money? Well this is simply because entertaining subject matter will let you reach the people who are right at the top of the sales funnel, and also those who may not even know that they need your products or services as of yet.

It is true that this type of content may not feel like it is directly or at all related to your product or service that you are offering, however, it does not need to appeal to your target audience in order to yield a positive effect. This type of content has more of an emotional appeal rather than rational. It is very easy to share and like and so the more it is shared, the further your reach is extended.
Why does your business page need content to educate?

Content to educate is very similar in its function as the content to entertain that was discussed earlier. This type of content allows you to reach audience members at the top of the sales funnel. The difference here is that content to educate has more of a rational appeal rather than an emotional appeal. The plus side is that it too is very shareable, therefore extending and contributing to your reach.

Why does your business page need content to persuade?

Content to persuade is meant to gently nudge your audience members down the path to conversion. This could mean they are encouraged to participate by purchasing your product or service, ask an question, give feedback, answer a call to action, like a post etc. This type of persuasive content uses an emotional rather than rational appeal.

Why does your business page need content to convert?

This is the most serious question. Your business page needs content created with conversion in mind in order to make the profit and seal the deal in the end. This content usually uses a rational rather than an emotional appeal.

Why does your business page need both emotional & rational appeal?

Good question! This depends on the type of business you are running. Some people respond better to an emotional appeal, while others tend to respond better to a rational appeal. It all depends on your type of audience as well. In order to cover all the possibilities and attract more audiences, it is the best approach to spread the greatest variety of content with both emotional and rational appeal in mind. This way you will be sure to attract attention and bring some traffic to your social media business page.


In most cases you will need to include a combination of different types of content on the same page. As an example, your business product and service page will have detailed content about your product or service (mainly rational appeal) and customer reviews (mainly emotional appeal). Content variety is the key. If you are stuck with low traffic and little exposure, you need to apply the strategy of using the key types of content that we just talked about. With a variety of post content, you will gain attention of new prospective clients and your reach will be extended in order to benefit your business!