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Las time, we wrote about the future of our homes in Canada and how acquiring upcoming gadgets could help improve our living standards inside four walls. The conversation remains by looking at how long it may take Canadians to fully adopt the technologies it require to make their homes ‘smarter’.

From what we understand, it will be a number of years before Canadians take the leap of faith if they choose to. Many are not interested in technologies and want to carry on with their normal lives as they always have. However, the interested ones remain cautious and are keeping an eye on things. They will make adjustments and purchases if it feels convenient.

That being said, the many companies who are behind the smart homes have still not finished fully developing “the vision of seamlessly connected homes“, so the problem doesn’t only rely on the consumer!

Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Home have made life easy for many Canadians and Americans. They are gadgets very much relied upon and as first expected, became a hit and are feature household items across the countries. The issue mentioned above seems the addition of many softwares and devices which consumers are not ready for, and could make them feel like their home would then control them!

But what’s the downside we can take from all this?

Owning technology never means you are completely safe. Hacking is always a threat so users need to tread carefully with gadgets they own, even though hacks are not usually their fault. Consumers who set up devices for their smart home need to apply as many security features as they can, as well as updating and resetting passwords often. Companies will recommend you don’t leave yourself vulnerable to any outside wireless threat.

At the end of the day, if you are very concerned about security, you are better off not purchasing any devices as you are not obliged to. Some people get excited about making their homes more ‘high-tech‘, but at the same time know how to keep them secure. These things are not for everybody!


What we believe many companies fail to realize these days is the importance of SEO for their website. Succeeding in organic search for Google has become so competitive that many websites do not get the visibility they deserve online because of poorly managed SEO. This blog will attempt to give useful insights on strategies that can be implemented to maintain or improve organic search success.

1.Make friends online

Partnerships on the Internet are more important than ever. It is always better to get others saying good things about you and trying to promote your website in any way they can. Having an influencer who is an expert on your subject matter and with a big following can take you many places.

2.Develop a content-marketing strategy

As we have previously mentioned, content-marketing is only a small part of the whole package. SEO can depend alot on how your business goes about its content, because that will affect your organic search. It needs to be diversified among videos, webinars, white papers, and social media posts. The use and choice of keywords become Google‘s best friend.

3.Generate traffic to your site and pages

Another way to get people to link to you is by writing for a large publication, giving video or written interviews and always recommend your content in networking events and to your surroundings. If this feels overwhelming and there is an additional budget to spend, you can hire an agency that will do the work for you.




4.A mobile-ready website

Not only do you now need a beautifully-designed website that is user friendly, but it also needs to be adapted to smartphones. You’d be in deep trouble with organic search if people cannot view your website on their mobile device. Laptop computers and desktop are not used as often anymore, and people want faster access to information.


Going more towards the security and technical side, it is recommended websites now add the ‘s’ to their URL. Google wants businesses’ websites to start with https:// so that they are more secure and will get better rankings on the search engine.




This is a type of markup that can be used in your website’s coding. Using that ‘code’, you can tell Google to identify your website’s logo, client reviews, videos as well as other important info. Google previously mentioned that using that code will also help optimization rankings in the near future.


If you are unsure about your SEO strategies or do not have the time for it, please contact us for more information and we can help make sure your business’ website remains competitive.