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The last article discussed three aspects of social media marketing and how to create a plan, from scratch if necessary. This week will cover the final points which you can then use as a template for your business if you do not wish to outsource your marketing objectives.


Step 4: External ideas and inspiration

To remain competitive as a business, it’s crucial to see what the others in the industry are doing with their social media. Monitoring their content and engagement from their followers can go a long way to helping you generate your own. Content is also sometimes shared from other sources, and demonstrates you agree with what either competition and business of other industries are discussing.

There is no shame in following the best and most famous accounts online. They can provide inspiration and help you strive to do better, no matter how far off you are with your level of marketing. Different companies are effective with different platforms; it helps to follow the best in each.

cokefbStep 5: Plan and schedule

It’s the nitty gritty of it all. You are now beginning to create and generating your own stuff. You have created the platforms you want to use and have your consumer base waiting. You now release the improved content you want to share, often with the help of a scheduling tool. It allows you to organize when and what you are going to share; as well as posting links and pictures. You are now ready to go! Stay true to your objectives and use each platform to what it serves best for.


Step 6: How is it going?

Here, we are somehow going back to step 1 and 2. Even with the new content and pages launched, you must keep track of how things are going. Working? Not working? Modifications may need to be done regularly to ensure the plan is going in the right direction and that your objectives will be reached.


Good luck! You can always ask us any questions related to this; we are experts after all.