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What is digital content? It is an imprecise and ambiguous topic that is not well defined. Many business owners struggle with questions like “What sort of content should we create?” or “What should we post on our social media business page?” First of all, content should be goal driven in order to accomplish something for a perticular business. The type of content business owners post on their marketing pages should be driven by what they aim to achieve in the long run. For most, the ultimate goal is to make some form of profit, maybe change the world, but mainly to gain something. But in order to make money, most sites and social media platforms need to have several different types of content. These may include 4 key types such as content to entertain, content to educate, content to persuade, and content to convert. Read on to find out more details on each type of content.


Why does your business page need content to entertain?

You may ask why you should include content to entertain your audience if you want to make money? Well this is simply because entertaining subject matter will let you reach the people who are right at the top of the sales funnel, and also those who may not even know that they need your products or services as of yet.

It is true that this type of content may not feel like it is directly or at all related to your product or service that you are offering, however, it does not need to appeal to your target audience in order to yield a positive effect. This type of content has more of an emotional appeal rather than rational. It is very easy to share and like and so the more it is shared, the further your reach is extended.
Why does your business page need content to educate?

Content to educate is very similar in its function as the content to entertain that was discussed earlier. This type of content allows you to reach audience members at the top of the sales funnel. The difference here is that content to educate has more of a rational appeal rather than an emotional appeal. The plus side is that it too is very shareable, therefore extending and contributing to your reach.

Why does your business page need content to persuade?

Content to persuade is meant to gently nudge your audience members down the path to conversion. This could mean they are encouraged to participate by purchasing your product or service, ask an question, give feedback, answer a call to action, like a post etc. This type of persuasive content uses an emotional rather than rational appeal.

Why does your business page need content to convert?

This is the most serious question. Your business page needs content created with conversion in mind in order to make the profit and seal the deal in the end. This content usually uses a rational rather than an emotional appeal.

Why does your business page need both emotional & rational appeal?

Good question! This depends on the type of business you are running. Some people respond better to an emotional appeal, while others tend to respond better to a rational appeal. It all depends on your type of audience as well. In order to cover all the possibilities and attract more audiences, it is the best approach to spread the greatest variety of content with both emotional and rational appeal in mind. This way you will be sure to attract attention and bring some traffic to your social media business page.


In most cases you will need to include a combination of different types of content on the same page. As an example, your business product and service page will have detailed content about your product or service (mainly rational appeal) and customer reviews (mainly emotional appeal). Content variety is the key. If you are stuck with low traffic and little exposure, you need to apply the strategy of using the key types of content that we just talked about. With a variety of post content, you will gain attention of new prospective clients and your reach will be extended in order to benefit your business!