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It has been a while since our last blog about LinkedIn. The professional networking site has always been an interesting medium, and has allowed many to connect and communicate with fellow industry members, or whoever they liked, whether or not they knew them personally. L.I. is also often used to share work stories and advertise for roles. So what’s coming next in 2017?

More pictures! Just like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, LinkedIn will now allow users to post multiple photos per post. This can be an advantage as it allows employees and business pages to better showcase events or team/office photos. Will businesses change the way they share visual content?

Videos! Users are expecting to be able to record videos from mobile devices straight onto a LinkedIn post. However, this should NOT be treated like a Facebook video or IG story. We are sure company policies will be strict in the way videos are filmed at the office or events – “no crazy video selfies”.



Offsite. When you want to read an article outside LinkedIn, but are being ask to logon back to the app to view the article, it’s irritating! It appears L.I. will take that restriction away and be open to its users viewing specific articles elsewhere.

Shared proofreading. Just like Google docs, L.I. will allow content teams on business pages to edit articles written on behalf of their business.

Monitoring engagement. If you don’t want people commenting on your article, LinkedIn allows you to disable comments. It’s a good way to avoid any kind of negativity but sadly, compliments or any kind of positive conversation will not be permitted.

If you run a blog or a site for your business, social media can be an extremely beneficial tool for growing your community and boosting your brand. Occasionally we slip up and all our marketing efforts backfire on us. Maybe you are not getting enough followers or you are bringing in the wrong kind of followers. What can you do to fix this? Read on for some basic and common social media mistakes that are made as well as the solution to resolve them. It is of course best to avoid making them in the first place because damage control is time consuming. If you do slip up, don’t fret. Take it as an opportunity to show your audience how committed you can be and show them your best effort.

Not using and misusing your accounts

When audience members see that there is very little or no activity on your profile, they automatically assume that you do not care. The simple solution is to make sure you update at least twice per week with posts that are relevant to your site and brand. Remember that they do not have to be long, just present on your profile. Sometimes people end up treating their professional accounts as personal pages. Do not get carried away on posting controversial views and stick to neutral opinion while still giving your online presence some character. Perhaps it is best to have your personal and social accounts separate. You always have the option to link the two so that your followers can feel free to discover the person behind the brand if they wish.

Not customizing your profile

When you setup a social media account it is up to you to customize it according to your brand and style. If you leave it blank and plain, your fans will find you unimaginative and untrustworthy. You can simply solve this by giving a basic outline of information to establish an identity…this can include your brand name, logo or photo and a brief description.

Posting at dead zones

There is no point in posting an update if your fans are all asleep for the night. Save your post for the daytime when your followers are logged on. It may be good to post on weekends or in the morning before people settle into work mode.


Posting at the wrong frequency

When you post too often it could end up annoying audiences instead of doing you any good. If you post too little you will not be recognized. You want to stand out and be remembered. A solution is to pay attention to responses you get on your posts and time your posts around the time you see their activity and space your posts out so they can anticipate your presence.

Not linking back to your site

Why post anything to do with your blog without linking back to it. Always provide links even if you mention the title of a blog or hashtag a reference to it. Audiences won’t bother searching for your site or blog if you don’t link it.

Lack of spell-check

Poor spelling or grammar, or even irrelevant content will ruin your credibility. Don’t give off the impression that you do not care or are unskilled. Remember to always reread for errors before hitting the “post” button.

Making little connections

It often takes a long time to gain followers and sometimes you may attract followers who may not necessarily have interests in line with your brand or vision. A solution is simply to take the initiative to follow people who you think would be a great addition to your business network. Follow influences in your field.

Lack of engagement

Once you have audience members following you, you need to maintain their presence by interacting with them. You do not want to just collect a community of accounts but of people. Your followers are your potential clients and they should be treated as such. Acknowledge their presence and respect any of their contributions related to your business page. Converse with them and invite them to visit your site or blog. Ask for their feedback and show that you value them.

Social media platforms are a valuable tool and powerful way of reaching your target audience. If you use this tool properly you can experience the fruitful benefits of a successful social media campaign!