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Did your small business grow last year? What are you planning to do in 2016 to extend that growth? Every business should take time to evaluate their marketing strategy, determine whatworks and identifywhat can be improved.

There are many general small business marketing tips you can follow. You can also be more specific and cater yourmarketing based on your industry.

  1. Fitness

Fitness is always a popular new year’s resolution. Your plan for fitness marketing in the beginning of 2016 should be focused on reaching out to and engaging with your current and potential clients, both online and in person, to help them achieve their goals and maintain their fitness, beyond their resolutions.

  • Freebies: Keep your clients motivated to achieve their New year’s resolutions with free resources, tips and other bonuses. Try to support their fitness plan or New year’s resolution by offering a special promotion or giveaway to give them incentive to reach their goals. You can also offer the freebie to new clients.
  • Engaging content: Everyone needs encouragement, especially in the fitness industry. Exercising regularly and avoiding junk food can be tough. Use your blog and social media pages to share words of encouragement, stories to motivate or entertain, and those before-and-after pictures that inspire. This fosters an engaged and supportive community.
  • Brand management: There are so many different types of fitness practices. Not only do you need to stand out among those in your industry, you must also compete against other niches due to the market of potential clients who are researching fitness methods they have not yet tried. Get your Yelp page and other review profiles in check, respond to reviewers and practice good customer service to increase good reviews. With a good online reputation, you can stand out among your competitors in your industry.
  1. Food and beverage

Everyone eats. There are some quick things you can do to keep your establishment on your customers’ minds in 2016 while increasing your traffic online.

  • Email marketing: The main benefit of email marketing for restaurants, coffee shops and bars is the reminder it sends to potential customers. Do not spam your contact list with daily or weekly emails. Instead, use a monthly or email with a promotion, coupon or special. This is a good way to keep your establishment on their mind when they’re hungry and scouring the food industry.
  • Re-targeting ads: This is a type of pay per click advertising with Google that can really pack a powerful punch, even if you are limited to a small budget of even $75 to $150 per month. The way these ads work is to re-target your potential clients by showing them your ads on sites they visit, after they have looked at your website. This keeps your restaurant, bar or coffee shop front-of-mind and makes you stand out from competitors in the industry.
  • Social media advertising: The top social media platforms for restaurants are Instagram and Facebook. Use Instagram to share delicious visuals, and incorporate Facebook’s advertising tools to increase the reach of your posts, photos and videos to customers. Even a $50 a month budget for Facebook ads can go a long way!

coffee shop

  1. Personal services

Loyalty is an important part of the customer base for a small business that offers personal services. This includes the niche markets of spas or salons and natural medicine practitioners like massage therapists or acupuncturists.

  • Loyalty programs: Encourage clients to come back to your salon for every haircut or return to your spa for every nail service with a loyalty program. Offer a discount after a set number of services, exclusive specials for your loyal customer base, free services for referrals, and so on.
  • Social media engagement: Facebook is perfect for expanding your reach to a wider audience, Instagram is ideal for showcasing your services, Pinterest is the go to for visual how to’s and inspiration, and Twitter is the place for customer service.
  • Reputation and brand management: Since loyalty is so crucial in this industry, it is important that your online reputation reflects your brand. Follow up with all reviewers, whether their comments are good or bad. Encourage brand ambassadors from your loyal customer base who will talk about you to their friends and improve your word-of-mouth reputation.