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When we pitch to SMEs to work on their social media accounts, we usually take into account that like many other businesses, they wouldn’t want to spent plenty of money on their social media marketing. When they set their monthly/yearly budgets, they believe to have more important things to take into account, but know the necessity of setting money aside to hire an agency or independent marketer. So what are things businesses could take into account when SMM budget planning?



1) Targets

What are the objectives? And who is the audience? We assume that the bigger the goals, the bigger the cost for the marketing? Some businesses value online presence less than others, depending on priorities.

2) Content

What kind of content will you expect from the person or agency you outsource it to? The content is exactly what you pay for, so make sure the demands are relative to the costs. You must bear in mind that graphic design and video editing can be time consuming.

3) Platform

Amidst all the talk of organic reach becoming more obsolete and having to start paying for reach, you need to decide where your audience is most active and present, to share your content on said platform. There are always a number of choices, but not all necessary. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube – all interesting places.



4) Analytics

At the end of each week or month, you want to know how the marketing is performing. This can give you the chance to make adjustments that will either increase or cut costs, and the softwares themselves may not be free of charge.