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Out of all the social networks, LinkedIn is probably the most unique. It serves a similar yet very different purpose to the others and can be very rewarding if used well.

It is similar to Facebook because as you can see in the photo below, you can post an update/photo, like and comment on updates that you see. You are also able to follow people you may not know personally but are interested in seeing on your news feed. If there are people you no longer wish to be connected to, you are free to remove them from your list.

linked home

The site is well known for any professional or professional-to-be, to advertise themselves online to potential employers or any other people already working in firms. However, it is also very important for all kinds of businesses to properly present themselves in a unique and simple way. Businesses use LinkedIn to share news about the company and industry, advertise jobs or announce a new recruit. They portray a more serious image of themselves than they would on Facebook, for example. And just like Facebook, companies aim to get their ‘Follow‘ button clicked by as many people as possible.

Mobi Linkedin

Job seekers are usually very active on LinkedIn, looking to connect with recruiters from their favourite companies, which are usually found through the businesspage. When you browse a company’s profile, there is always a section to see who the employees are, although the formats vary in the mobile app and desktop versions.

However, this is not only about the employees. In business to business interactions, representatives who are considering partnerships with your company will make sure to check the page to gather more information and make sure they will be in good hands.