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We are approaching in the middle of 2017, and social media can take different twists and turns every week; it can often be unpredictable, but there are always certain ways to stay in control of one’s brands, despite what can happen at anytime.

1. Jumping on trends

As mentioned time and time again, your brand shouldn’t be commenting or participating on every trend that is taking place on social media. New things happen everyday that turn into a popular hashtag, but if it’s not relevant to your industry, or politically controversial, it is best to stay away, for the sake of your following!

2. Millennials

Not all are the same. Each generation is behaving differently, although there are some important similarities. Be cautious with how you communicate to all of them, in general.

3. Customer service is important

Nowadays, most of the customer service is done on social media, especially Twitter. There will always be someone trying to be a troll or a credible complaint, so make sure the comment is properly analyzed and responded to promptly. A response can make or break a brand’s reputation – so some not-very-nice people can be a blessing in disguise, if attended to properly!


4. Live streams

Get on it. We’ve spoken about them before. It shouldn’t be done too regularly, but a good opportunity once in a while to engage with your audience. Even if you can’t respond to all the comments, get up close and personal with your following; it’s never a bad strategy. But before you record a live, do some planning but keep it as natural as possible.

5. Influencers

We think this has been their year. They are becoming ever more important for brands to collaborate with, and their endorsements of anything can change a business’ life. As long as they are offered something tangible in exchange, you may have a lot of joy getting big influencers to collaborate with you!

6. Creative leads to growth

Brands always need to test out different things, to see what works and doesn’t, so that they can grow. Everybody is going to fail at one point or another, but as long as the damage is minimal and the experience is learnt from, the next phase will be very positive!

7. Engagement

Engage, engage, engage. Being active on social is often trying to have a conversation on a daily basis with all your followers. It’s the best way to grow fast, because you are being valuable and customers like that. You are not a robot who just pushes out content. Relationships have to be built and maintained, in order to form new ones.



It is currently the ‘present’ of online marketing, and the world should be grateful enough that a few geniuses have come up with life and career changing ideas, which have made a big difference over the last ten years. Social media has become one of the central points of marketing, especially with the digital world we live in.

However, there are some sides to social media that need to be understood as some people become impatient with its ROI.

1. No magic

Businesses think that social media helps them grow overnight, with one tweet or photo/video. It doesn’t usually work that way. Social media is needs money, time and strategy for its effect to show, and be very well taken care of. Since most business owners expect overnight success, they become frustrated. The branding and growing takes time. The competition is too fierce and expecting too much too soon will lead to disappointment.



2. Money

A decade ago, there was no such thing as social media marketing and no budgets allocated to it. That has now changed. The use of social media websites itself may be free for the most part, but social media marketing itself should have a good budget allocated to it. The money goes to the people managing the social accounts, whether in-house individuals or outsourced agencies. Money needs to be invested in it because it’s so key. Without a social media presence for your business, growth cannot be expected.

3. The future

Thanks to the evolution of social media in the last few years, the future can only look more interesting. Changes to the current medias may be expected, and new ones may be created. Marketing is becoming so digital that offline may cease to exist eventually.



4. Tactics and strategy

Businesses already active on social media post content regularly to entertain and inform their audience. In many cases, however, they need to implement some sort of plan of action to achieve certain objectives.

5. Consumer relationships

Many brands like to think that the best way to move forward is by developing emotional individual relationships with their followers, and be everyone’s ‘best friend’. It doesn’t work and is unrealistic. What matters most to the customer is the value you provide to them. However, emotional marketing messages can be so important in forging rapport with the audience. They like to see a human touch in the branding, and once this commercial relationship develops, the value will show and keep the consumer loyal.


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As we approach the holiday period, we hope you have enjoyed reading our blogs! If you are a business keen to outsource your social media marketing, we will be delighted to help you.