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Welcome to 2017! Our last blog of 2016 discussed technologies that could affect marketers (like us) in this new year, but this week we’ll discuss how we can have a better year. We always have to adapt to changes, tweak ourselves and our methods a little bit, in order to stay relevant and competitive.

1) Online organization

“New year, new me” goes the cliche, meaning businesses have to update their online profiles, whether on social media or the website, or perhaps both! What we suggest is that we must update all the information we show the world, so that we are prepared for new business whenever it comes. It’s the simplest of tasks and can make a big difference in the weeks to come.

2) Video

Yes, it’s exactly what you’re thinking. It’s the nth time we speak about this, because it really is quite important. Social media is becoming more and more about video, because that’s what drives the most engagement! It can consist of anything, from 360 to Live and also ads (least recommended?).

If you want to develop a more personal connection with your audience, good quality videos about what you do or see is a great way to get their attention. Because most are on mobile too, they just like to hold their devices and watch motion picture for a few minutes – take advantage of this!


3) Social Media Strategy ‘refresh’

Just like #1, a new audit should take place for all social media of your business to see where it went well and not so well. It’s probably time to set new goals and try something new, perhaps? Instead of focusing on selling, focus more on documenting your journey? Audience would appreciate it much more!

4) Reviews

You always want to keep the audience and clients happy, so feedback is important. Word of mouth marketing is stronger than you think, with most people making purchase decisions solely based on that, even if price is beyond their budget!

Just don’t be afraid to ask! Negatives can be important to turn into positives.


5) Optimization for search

On the slightly more complex and technical side, don’t forget to optimize for mobile and keep track of analytics to stay relevant in Google Search.

You need to see where your money would be best invested so that less is wasted on digital marketing efforts, especially for marketing that is paid such as google ads and so on…

When customers reach you, ask them how they got here; there may be a trend for you to double up on.

6) Trend awareness

2017 will bring new trends that will be a hit, which the online community will want to catch on and use for their entertainment or advantage. Marketers like us will need to keep an eye out for those to use for business reasons, in a suitable way if possible.

If you recall, one of the biggest mobile trends last year was Pokemon Go, and the ‘mannequin challenge’, which businesses appeared to use to their advantage but the hype only lasted a few months. Analyze every situation before jumping in it; not all will stay popular for long.

                              A mannequin challenge

What we believe many companies fail to realize these days is the importance of SEO for their website. Succeeding in organic search for Google has become so competitive that many websites do not get the visibility they deserve online because of poorly managed SEO. This blog will attempt to give useful insights on strategies that can be implemented to maintain or improve organic search success.

1.Make friends online

Partnerships on the Internet are more important than ever. It is always better to get others saying good things about you and trying to promote your website in any way they can. Having an influencer who is an expert on your subject matter and with a big following can take you many places.

2.Develop a content-marketing strategy

As we have previously mentioned, content-marketing is only a small part of the whole package. SEO can depend alot on how your business goes about its content, because that will affect your organic search. It needs to be diversified among videos, webinars, white papers, and social media posts. The use and choice of keywords become Google‘s best friend.

3.Generate traffic to your site and pages

Another way to get people to link to you is by writing for a large publication, giving video or written interviews and always recommend your content in networking events and to your surroundings. If this feels overwhelming and there is an additional budget to spend, you can hire an agency that will do the work for you.




4.A mobile-ready website

Not only do you now need a beautifully-designed website that is user friendly, but it also needs to be adapted to smartphones. You’d be in deep trouble with organic search if people cannot view your website on their mobile device. Laptop computers and desktop are not used as often anymore, and people want faster access to information.


Going more towards the security and technical side, it is recommended websites now add the ‘s’ to their URL. Google wants businesses’ websites to start with https:// so that they are more secure and will get better rankings on the search engine.




This is a type of markup that can be used in your website’s coding. Using that ‘code’, you can tell Google to identify your website’s logo, client reviews, videos as well as other important info. Google previously mentioned that using that code will also help optimization rankings in the near future.


If you are unsure about your SEO strategies or do not have the time for it, please contact us for more information and we can help make sure your business’ website remains competitive.

Recently was the 17th birthday of Google, and for Google Plus, its 4th. Being the newest in the market, (Facebook was launched 8 years ago), it is reaching its potential faster and faster. However, most people forget the importance of having Google+ a part of their business. Like all other social media pages, it has its own features that benefit the business in many ways, but it is different from social media in its own way.

However, having a presence on Google+ is always important. Investing even a little bit of time and energy into your business page on Google+ can mean improved local search visibility, especially for a small to medium-sized business. If you haven’t figured it out yet, Google has got the majority of the market share when the time comes to search.

This social network encourages you to build new relationships based on your passion, interests, profession, or career. It is a place for you to find information that’s relevant to you and to share it with people of the same interest.

Blended search results

Google+ Content itself can make your business show up in search results more often than your website can. Each of the post that you post has a unique URL, and when there is interaction generated, it can potentially rank in the search results. Everything is indexed by Google once it is on Google+.

Being always on the innovative side, there is new hashtag feature that Google has incorporated with Google+. Searching a hashtag keyword will result in thposdfe visibility of your post as a search result.

Google+ Factors in Local Carousel Results

If you have noticed, sometimes your search results result in a local carousel. Many local SEO experts have compiled lists of keywords that trigger Google to display the carousel in the search results. IN order to make your product one of the first that show up, it is necessary to ensure that your posts contain those words, when in context!

As a basic rule of thumb, it is necessary to ensure that the content that you post is good quality; short and sweet. Therefore, in order to ensure that your posts get the most views, do not overwhelm your viewers!

Authorship and Publisher Markup

Authorship and publisher markup can increase your reach on search engines since semantic markup has been adopted by the major search engines.

You should consider creating a Google+ Profile for yourself and connecting it to quality content you write or distribute online, especially if you are a:

  • Doctor/Dentist
  • Lawyer
  • Realtor
  • Insurance agent
  • Consultant

Integration with Other Platforms

Integrating with other platforms like YouTube and Gmail is also a great way to get publicity via Google+.

Youtube processes over 3 billion searches a month, and become the largest search engine in the world in the year 2013—and Google also owns Youtube. If you are fall under the categories of the professional who must have a Google+ Account, then Youtube can be add to your benefit as you can get some of the basic techniques or methods documented, recorded and then displayed!

Creating a channel on YouTube means you have a Google Account. According to search and social experts, it’s best practice to have all of your Google networks (YouTube, Google+ Local or Business and Google+ Author Profile) all in the same Google Account to increase trust, and it will also increase the probability of having an increased visibility during search results.