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You created your Facebook Business Page for your fans to join and “Like”. Now what? There are no doubt many questions you may have about what strategies are best in regards to brand identity, customer interests, and, of course, fan growth. How do you tell which tactics are most effective and work best for your brand and business? Lucky for you, Facebook has integrated, and recently updated, its own analytics tool called Facebook Insights that helps Facebook Business Page owners analyze trends within user growth and demographics, consumption and engagement with content, and creation of content.

How To Use Facebook Insights

Once your Facebook Business Page has more than 30 followers and ongoing activity, Facebook will automatically engage Insights to start monitoring your page’s activity and growth. These analytics can be accesses and viewed solely by page administrators.

The Facebook Insights highlights sharing behaviour both on and off your Facebook Business Page with pertinent data, graphs and charts. The charts allow you to select which information is displayed on each graph by checking the desired boxes. All these tools can help your business better understand what your audience wants from your page.

Facebook Insights can help visualize information on page growth and audience engagement, as well as specific metrics for individual posts and comments that are Liked on your page. Experimenting with strategies to see which are most effective on your audience can be made extremely simple by keeping a close eye on these analytics.

Regarding content, Facebook Insights also helps break down audience demographics with simple visualizations. Insights allows you to see gender, age, country, city and language breakdowns for a better understand of who makes up your online audience.

Quick Guide: Facebook Insights

First off, there are two different kinds of Facebook Insights: User Insights and Interaction Insights.

  • User Insights: Total page Likes, daily active users, new Likes/Unlikes, Like sources, demographics, page views and unique page views, tab views, external referrers, media consumption.
  • Interaction Insights: Daily story feedback (post Likes, post comments, per post impressions), daily page activity (mentions, discussions, reviews, wall posts, video posts).

Before you get started with Facebook Insights to help with your marketing strategy it is important to decide what exactly you are trying to measure. With so many different tool options, it can potentially be challenging to find the right data that will answer the questions you have. Take the time to get to know the data and keep a close eye on your daily and monthly performance trends with the different integrated tools. Aim to keep your statistics generally on the rise, and it should be safe to assume that you are doing the right thing.



Active User Growth: This tool monitors the daily/monthly changes of the fans who follow your page. Keep in mind the number of fans you have on the first of every month to see what your growth looks like. If you are trying to grow your page organically, 5 to 10% is a decent figure to aim for. If you are looking for a larger and faster growth pattern, try add Facebook Advertisements or custom Facebook welcome pages. Whatever you go with, make sure to watch for changes in fan growth and  try to determine what triggered them.

Inline Insights: This tool analyzes basic performance for each post you put on your Facebook Business Page. This information will show up near the bottom of each post, and will let you see what kind of content gets fans talking and sharing the most. Determine which posts are best received by your audience so you can give them exactly what they want! This is an ideal tool to see immediate results for new content strategies.

Page Views: This tool helps determine the number of fans coming to check out your fan page. Subtracting the number of unique page views from the daily views can give you some good insight as to how many fan are continually coming back to look at your page.

Demographics: Use these tools to see information about your business’ fans such as age, sex, and location. This is some good stuff to know when trying to provide valuable content.