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Social media is the way to go. In today’s day and time, if social media is not part of your business, then you are not part of anyone else’s business; regardless of what your business is. However, being a dentist, you might think that a patient-dentist relationship is solidified and ameliorated by good conduct, thorough procedures and careful follow-ups. Which brings us back to the question—why social media? Just as the importance of a dentist’s good conduct, thorough procedures and follow-ups value and significance cannot be quantified, neither can the value nor importance of social media can. In an era where even a 10 yr is obsessed to a cellular screen and social media, it is the only way to build a relationship with your neighbors, your patients, and potential patients.  Then the question which arises is; how? How can social media do just that? How can social media help a dentist succeed and promote his/her own practice and attract potential customers?

Highlight your services!

Being a dentist, you evidently perform many procedures and provide services that not everyone will be aware of. Get those out on the social media for your patients to know. Highlight the most important ones and the most popular ones while giving an excerpt of what they are and the importance they hold for you. Let your social media followers know about preparation tips, the importance of the dental procedures on their overall health and the significance of acting on time. Aside from the services, consider posting about the monetary requirements for the procedures, and how your clinic does comparatively to other clinics. Some important services to consider are teeth alignment, state of the art technology your clinic owns for procedures that not all dental clinics are able to administer, and any esthetic services.

Offer tips and techniques from experts!

Not everyone will follow your social media page for acquiring information pertaining to your services. Also, too many posts of the same topic and theme will eventually decrease the flow of traffic to your pages. Social media pages need to maintain diversity and generate interest of their followers.

Post dental tips and advice for the general public and advice specific to certain types of dental patients. This will generate an interest and will attract people of various interests to follow and stay connected to your social media pages. Also, offer some DIY techniques for patients so that they may continue to maintain their dental health after receiving the dental treatment at a clinic. For instance, tips to maintain white and bright teeth after having getting them brightened.

Show off testimonials!

Many a time patients will leave positive remarks or messages concerning the treatment and the services they received while at your clinic. Let others know through your social media page! Many people fidget before deciding who to have as their family dentist and not to mention bias opinions of friends and family members add to the growing fear. Having unbiased testimonials posted on your social media pages for others to see is a great way to let others know of the positivity that your clinic offers.

Introduce your clinic!

This can be as simple as taking some photos of your staff members and letting everyone know about those smiling faces. You can make your social media pages more welcoming by posting pictures of the state of the art technology that your clinic possesses and any child friendly areas that you have designed. Let your online traffic know about the hours at which you operate. Are your hours convenient for all types of patients? Night shift workers, daytime workers and weekend shift doers?


Diversity is vital in ensuring a good flow of traffic to your social media pages. Get audience engagement! Host a smile contest and giveaways! The more you invest in social media, the more it will help you grow!


There are myriad benefits of having social media pages for your private dental practice. For instance, Facebook pages drive traffic to your webpages, increase the flow of people to your practice, just to list a few! If you have already gotten a Facebook page for your practice, then you are ahead of 37% of dentists out there! Now the question is, what should you post on your Facebook/social media pages so that you get the engagement you want?

  1. Ask questions
    1. Asking questions on your Facebook/Twitter page is a great way to engage audience. However, one thing that should be kept in mind is that the customers/patients do not like to be deemed incorrect, especially on a social media site. So, in order to avoid such occurrence, ask questions that do not have a right/wrong answer. For instance, what is their favorite toothpaste? What parts of the routine cleaning do they like the most? What do they think of recent changes in your office, dental practice, webpage, etc? Social media users love discussing and potentially giving advice.
  2. Share stories
    1. This could range from sharing stories of success and photos of your staff members on special occasions such as Halloween, Christmas and New Year to sharing photos of patients who have given great testaments of your service. Photos of people are a great way to get quality engagement of audience to your social media page.
  3. Hold a contest
    1. Create a contest strictly for your Facebook fans. Maybe host a trivia contest were your fans are asked to guess something about their dental routine check-up, or even about the dentist and offer a prize to the winner. The prize could range from tickets to various places/events, or even dinners at quality restaurants. This will get the audience engaged in your social media site and will even attract more patients to your practice.
  4. Post content at peak times
    1. As trivial as this may sound, it is necessary to post your content on social media when people will be accessing it the most. Too early may prove to be disadvantageous as well as too late. However, midday may not be the best either as people are usually occupied in their daily routines. Therefore, the best times would be in the morning, or in the evening, around the times most people are off for the day.
  5. Offer dental tips, tricks and techniques
    1. This is a dental page after all! Once a week, try to input a set of dental tips for your patients. They could range from the importance of proper dental hygiene to information of dental technology around the world—there is really no limit to the amount of dental information you can have on there. However, when posting the information, ensure that the content is in simple laymen terms, as opposed to the language of a scientific journal. Simple tips go a long way, and can increase audience interest and traffic if they prove to be beneficial/ informative.

The above mentioned content can not only prove useful for a Facebook fan page, but also for other social media sites such as GooglePlus, Twitter,  Instagram and even Pinterest. The longer you wait, the more you have to lose. Social media marketing, when done right, can lead to more customers, more traffic, and more conversions, and it’s here to stay, for as long as we can think.