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For the first time on this MobiApps Experts blog, I’m going to do something different. I have spent every other week since June discussing many topics related to what we do, and never had a chance to mention why and how I’m here today, writing for you.

In June of 2013, I had just finished my Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences, at the University of Ottawa, while having already begun my job search. I always had a keen eye on social media, but little did I know that it could be done as a career. However, thanks to an old friend at the time, who had suggested over brunch that I could look into this. She left me startled.

Then came July, approximately a month after my graduation, when a Facebook post in a university group backed my friend’s claim. A digital startup wanted a social media manager. With no professional experience, I enthusiastically went for it, and signed a contract a couple of weeks later.

I felt fortunate to be given a chance, by the very friendly owners, and they gave me confidence that I could do a good job, along with my supervisor’s help. I was enjoying every bit of it, and glad I had found this gig. At the same time, I had also accepted a position in an event startup, in the logistics team, but marketing was still a responsibility. I knew I could apply my slowly growing experience of social media marketing into the other role, and felt a happy person juggling both at the same time.

My responsibilities with MobiApps Experts included managing their very own account, a mortgage broker’s account, and a popular restaurant at the time. Always its challenges, but definitely enjoyed it! I was feeling so good that despite having studied sociology, I wanted a future career creating content for social media.

Because the work was remote, team meetings were occasional but I felt a good belonging in the group and was surrounded by smart peers who helped me out and vice versa when I could. Until today, it is still the same, solid group dynamic who have enjoyed a competitive game of bowling a couple of times!

Sadly, I had to leave the team by the next summer because opportunities came along that weren’t coming back again, but stayed in good contact with the group, hoping I would rejoin again. I did just that, almost two years later, and went right back into the accounts I previously had, as if nothing had changed!

To this day I still enjoy crafting content and writing blogs on a weekly basis. I have managed to generate traffic and grow the accounts I have worked with, but I keep striving for more. I always feel grateful for the opportunity given to me by the owners and supervisor.

Without them, I truly wouldn’t have taken the career path I am in today, especially the marketing communications masters program in the UK!