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This weeks’ blog is shorter than usual but aims to discuss why it’s important to keep a brand coherent across social platforms and how to do it. The most popular networks allow people and brands to communicate in different ways, but how do they stay true to their voice?

1. Consistent look

This is supposed to be the easiest one to execute because it is literally and only about design! LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter allow a profile picture as well as a cover photo. The key is to keep them all the same across all three. As for Instagram, the profile picture should be the same. You easily want to be recognized wherever users try to find you.

2. Authenticity

With so many trends on social emerging nowadays, it’s easy for brands to drift off from who they are and the type of messages they communicate. It can completely backfire if they go off course so it’s best to have a certain style for all means of communication. You don’t need to comment on all trends and attempt humour/sarcasm especially when it could go very wrong.

3. Who’s your audience?

You should know who you are communicating to, and how (and how often) these people respond to your posts on social.

4. Use a dashboard

Like we mentioned in the e-commerce article, monitoring all accounts through a third-party website can be very helpful in coordinating everything. It can save alot of time and potential gaffes. Hootsuite is one of the most popular ones around, but there are alternatives you can use.