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Time is of great essence when achieving public involvement in your social media. When setting up your business, you probably had to ensure that what you are doing is done at the right time. Well, the world of social media is not different from the real life set up of your business either. Whether you are posting on Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus or Twitter, there is a specific time at which you will get the most audience participation. Believe it or not, there are different times for each of the mentioned platforms that yield higher audience engagements.

When posting for social media, we must keep in mind that different platforms have different engagements throughout the day. The time at which your audience are occupied in different social media depends on the day and the time. When considering the best days, it is necessary to pay attention to the type of business that you are running. For business to business marketers, research has shown 14% uplift on weekdays, whereas for business to consumer brands, an increase of 17% is seen on weekends.


According to statistics, the best days to post on Facebook are Thursday and Friday. Of all the posts made on any other day of the week, the engagement peaks by 86% on Thursday and Friday. The best time of the day to post on Facebook is primarily from 9am-7pm. IN order to get the most shares, statistics show that the best time to post is at 1pm. In order to get the most views/clicks, the best time is at 3pm.


The best time to post on twitter for getting the most tweets is around 12pm, according to statistics, and around 5-6pm. Logically speaking, around this time, people are usually at lunch or leaving work for home; having more time to engage in social media.

Google Plus

The best time to post on Google Plus is around noon, any weekday.


According to statistics, the best time pin is on Saturday from 2am-4am and from 8pm-11pm. According to statistics, Pinterest activity peaks at approximately 9pm.

However, in order to get the highest exposure, it is necessary to monitor your audience engagement. According to the service or product that you are offering, the day and the time might differ. Regardless of the fact that the above times are recorded and yield in satisfying results, different business can expect to see a different turn on things.

Optimum engagement

There are many free social media analytics tools out there that provide ejkgxactly what you need. You need to take the time and input the effort when determining which provides the most assistance and information that you need in order to tailor the information and the time at which you update your social media platforms.

Business to Business

If your business focuses on selling products or services to other business, then updates need to be made during weekdays. Knowing the time at which your aimed audience is engaging is of vital importance. Most businesses engage in social media during the weekdays, during their work hours. Logically speaking, business to business engagement will not take place during Friday evenings or weekends.

Business to Consumer

If your business targets an everyday audience, then according to statistics, optimum engagement happens during the weekends, during the morning and noon.

In  conclusion


Regardless of the fact there are preferred times at which posts should be made on Facebook, Twitter and Googleplus, and other social media platforms, you as a business owner needs to ensure that the posts and the updates that are made are done so at a time at which your target audience engages. The posts need to be engaging, and need to be posted at times giving you optimum results and optimum engagement.