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business-cardWhat other way to get yourself out there then with a business card? Everyone should have a business card, whether you are a business owner, a nonprofit or are in search of a new job, you need to leave people with your contact details and information to reach you. Many people, however, leave big mistakes on their business cards. Read along to make sure you do not make the same mistakes. Pull out your business card if you already have one, lay it out in front of you and have a pen out to identify the mistakes you probably are making.


Here are common business card mistakes people make repeatedly:


1) Small font size – Some people have 20/20 vision. But if perfect vision is what you need to read the letters and contact information on your business card you are going to run into problems. Many people do not have perfect vision. Before you printo your new cards or if you are assessing the legibility of your current ones, walk around with them and ask a variety of people one simple question: “Can you tell me what this says?” It is a very basic principle to use a decent sized and clear font that is easy to read.


2) Light font color – Not only is font size important, but colour plys a role too. It’s also about contrast. If your card uses a font that is too light or bright (grey or yellow for example) or one that is too close to the color of your card backround, it will be difficult to read it.  And if people can’t read it with ease, they might end up sending an email to the wrong address or calling the wrong phone number.  Or they might simply give up and toss the card.


3) Glossy paper – It is very common for people to make your card more memorable by jotting down some notes or extra information on it before they leave you. If your card has a gloss finish or varnish on top, it is hard to write anything additional on it. Your card may get dirty faster without it but people might get greater use our of it if they can write on it.


4) Poor quality paper – If you have a business that charges in the five figures for your service, why would you “cheap out” on your business card? The quality of the paper you use to print your business cards on is usually the first indicator of your quality of service. Your brand matters to people and they get an impression of your business as early as when they see your business card. Would you pay a thousand dollars to someone who has a paper-thin business card?


5) Design inconsistent with web presence – There is a great benefit in having a business card design that integrates with a certain look and feel associated with your brand. If you have a website, a social media page, a store front or a product line, your business card will be much more powerful if it looks consistent. You want to drive as many people as you can to your busiess and site. Make it recognisable by integrating your marketing materials and staying consistent with your brand image.


6) No links to social media sites – If you use Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform to attract people to your brand, you should include links on your business card. You can encourage more fans and followers by letting them know where to find you.


7) No web address or bad email – If you only include a phone number and no email, you are limitting your client’s options of contacting you. What if thy aren’t ready to talk live? If you do not have a website, use your LinkedIn account. A gmail address might lower your credibility as well. These days it is so easy to get an email address with your own custom url.


8) Oversharing information – Some cards are socrammed with information that people do not know where to look or even start. A business card must be a straightforward means of communicating your contact information and it’s a place to draw people in and guide them as to how they can learn more about your service.


9) No brand promise– Every business needs a clear and compelling brand promise or tagline.  They tell your story in literally a few words and let people know why you matter.  Without a brand promise, your card is just a boring contact card.


10) Does not use the back – It is always nice to use white space such as room around your contact information to make it clear and easy to read. Consider using the back of your card for you r brand promise. You can hand it out with that side up while you speak the tagline.