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Social media is a fantastic way to connect with your audience members on a whole new level and grow your blog reach simultaneously. There are many apps available to you out there and there are new ones developing every day. Some apps are blazing a trail in the blogging world that we think every blog in the community should have. Take a look at the following platforms and implement them to maximize your user engagement:

Create a Facebook page for your business blog (separate from your personal Facebook page) so that you can share posts, connect with your audience, ask questions, share links, run contests and so on. Users are constantly on Facebook so you always have someone to engage with while they online or taking a break after putting supper in the oven. Social media is free so you don’t need to worry about paid marketing if you don’t have the budget. Also, be sure to like some of the other blogs you follow so that you can share deals, ideas, favourite blog posts, and help each other out! It’s a great idea to set up a page for your blog so you don’t spam your friends with you blog posts constantly, unless they choose to like your page on their own.

You should most definitely have a Twitter account set up for your business blog. Some people are Twitter champs and post all of the time while others sign in once a day to take a peak on how things are doing. Either way, it is good to have an account because it is easy to let followers know about your posts and get some user engagement. Twitter is great for updates, asking questions and fostering discussions among your followers who share similar interests. You may even get inspiring ideas for new blog topics that users request you to write about.

Pinterest is where all creative, crafty and beautiful visuals entice the viewer’s eye. Having a Pinterest account is more than just a collection of pretty images. It can grow your blog exponentially! A single pin can bring many views to your blog and also drawing traffic from many people who share a similar interest. Pins can help your blog attract new readers but it can also help you find other bloggers who write on similar topics! Just make sure that your Pinterest account is not filled with solely pins from your page and pin some items from other bloggers as well to show your support. Pin things you like when you are reading your favorite blogs, and create well balanced Pinterest boards to become an active member in your industry.

Instagram is rapidly growing with popularity. It is a literal snapshot of your day! You can easily follow all you favourite bloggers and photographers. Instagram can bring much more intimacy because most of the posts are images actively taken by the user throughout the day. You are allowed to see the moments that make bloggers real people – walks at the park, meal prep, what they are reading, doing, eating, liking… you have the ability to interact and engage by liking and commenting back and forth. Instagram is recommended for connecting with your readers on a deeper personal level and also to find like-minded bloggers and followers. The hashtags come in handy for identifying those with similar interests and interesting content.

Google+ is one of the newer social media platforms on the scene but you should definitely consider it for your business blog. It is quite easy to share content, join communities with similar interests, and encourage each other to engage with your blog. Posting on Google+ also helps with SEO and Google’s search ranking so you’re doing yourself a favor by having a presence on this platform!

This may not be considered a social medias platform but it is so important and you should be using email marketing! Email is one of the most personal ways that you can connect with your audience! If you are open and have the time for your readers to email you thoughts, questions or blog requests, you will be able to understand your readership better and deliver what they want to see. Also, a timely email response can mean the world to your audience members. Don’t you feel valued when other blogs email you updates and respond professionally, courteously and quickly to your emails? Find an email guideline that works for you –try to respond within a week or earlier if it is time sensitive. Perhaps you can even reply within 24 hours if you are online, blogging anyway.