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What Bothers You?

If you could name one thing you think bloggers should stop doing what would it be? Any of the following resonate with your experience? Don’t hold back! Let us know what you think froma blogger’s point of view!

  1. Posting Way Too Many Quotes

We understand that it’s a trend now to post quotes because they really do work. Quotes can inspire, motivate, and even just bring out a laugh. Just because quotes work with engagement and interest doesn’t mean 99% of your social media posts should be quotes. If someone is deciding whether to follow your business page, they don’t want to see a million tweets or posts of quotes.

Do this instead: Use quotes! Just keep your good judgement and moderation in mind. It is possible to have too much of a good thing.


  1. Using Fake Names on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a platform to showcase your work experience, highlight your skills, and be visible to brands looking for social media and blogging experts. On Twitter you can get away with a funny or clever Twitter handle, but on LinkedIn it is inappropriate. You have to represent a real person with a real photo because you are a real professional! If your LinkedIn name sounds something like “Mandy Angelstar23” then you. need. to change. that. NOW.

Do this instead: Use a real name, or stay away from LinkedIn until you’re ready to be a real professional.

  1. Keeping Your Social media Pages Private

If you’re a blogger just on social media to chat with your friends and post pictures to family, then by all means keep your profile private!

However, if you’re a blogger who’s looking to grow your blog traffic, then you must make your accounts visible to the general public. We don’t mean your personal Facebook profile. But we do mean platforms like Twitter. Make it as easy as possible for others to follow you. A private account is an extra hurdle most people won’t bother with because they can’t see your content before they decide to follow.

Do this instead: If you want to keep certain accounts private, then do NOT link to them from your blog page. Otherwise, make those profiles accessible and viewable to the public and you’ll instantly notice your follower growth.

  1. Pitching Brands in Public

A definite way to look unprofessional is just that. All you have to do is leave a comment on a company’s Instagram post that sounds a little something like this: “How can I get free products to review? I’m a big blogger!” Or tweet something like “Hey @brand @brand need someone to review your products? Give me blogging material.”

Social media is a great place to start in getting a good contact, but that is not the way to do it. Besides, you need to keep pitches brief and you can’t say all that much in a 140 character limit.

Do this instead: Ask the brand, in a professional manner, who you should reach out to about opportunities for blogging. That way you don’t sound like you’re actually pitching out on the public space. Or you can always send a private message on a brand’s Facebook page.

  1. Relying Mainly on Collaborative Boards on Pinterest

Collaborative boards used to be the ultimate weapon to successful pinning. But with the Smart Feed, not so much. You really don’t need to be following 100 collaborative boards. See which ones are actually getting you repins and forget the others.

Do this instead: Search is key on Pinterest now, not collaborative boards any longer. Use keywords in your pin descriptions, and don’t forget to hashtag but make it sound conversational.

  1. Posting the Same Message On Every Platform

When you send out a message on social media or schedule one, do you copy it and plug it into every social platform? Different platforms call for different approaches. On Twitter, keep it short and use hashtags. On Google +, you can go longer, making your post full of keywords. On Instagram, images and visuals are key.

Do this instead: No, don’t completely rewrite every single thing. And sometimes it happens to be short and sweet enough for more than one platform. But for the majority of your content, customize and tailor it a little for each platform.