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Two weeks ago, we described the important steps that were needed to begin building your new mobile app. This part describes the rest of the journey to launching a new mobile app!

7) Backend building

Your developer will need to start setting up servers, databases and storage solution. You also need to sign up for developer accounts at the app marketplaces you are developing for. Depending on the platform, the account may take several days to get approval. You are almost on your way!

8) User Interface

After getting feedback on your prototype, you want to execute the consumer wants onto the app, and building the best resolutions for what was previously your wireframe. Another name for these individual screens are the “Skins” of the app.

9) Test 2

This is the real test. All the app functions are in place, and you want to make sure the UX-UI are working well. This is also to make sure there is a flow from screen to screen and that the app is actually user friendly!

10) Review and continue

After the second test and receiving feedback, it’s the phase of the final fix. You may need to change things from front to back end, to make sure you will get the downloads and uses promised by people who tested the app. The app-building isn’t quite finished yet.

11) Final review

You want to go through everything one last time, to make sure all the new modifications are working well. This is the last step before the launch, so no more room for mistakes.

12) Launch time!

After all these months and weeks of hard work, your app is finally official and ready to be downloaded from iOS and Android devices. Apple may take more time for the final approval, but it’s time to start promoting the app to the world and begin this new journey!


We hope that was useful! Building an app requires alot of effort and patience, and we hope you can come up with great ideas to show the world soon.

Over the last few years, our blogs have mostly been focused on providing advice on social media, video and SEO. However, our business also offers a mobile app development service and we thought it would be a good idea to entertain you with information about this! We will try to keep it as simple as possible, because the process is very complex and an app is not designed and built overnight!

1) Objectives

Before you even begin the process, do you have an idea? Is it a clear one? You must know exactly what you want that app to be, and how it can benefit our society. Things can move much faster once the initial plan is very clear.

2) The artwork

The idea you have first needs a visual outline, through the development of sketches. From the logo to all of the features, so that you are fully prepared to move on to the next phase. If you aren’t good at drawing yourself, delegate the work to the best artist on your team.

3) Research

This is where it gets real. The next thing you want to know is how the market for such apps is. Who is the competition? Is it a realistic app to build? How can a profitable business be built out of it? Apps are becoming so trendy today that your idea may never be unique, but you can always do something different than the competition; that’s why the research is crucial!

4) Development

After a week or so of completing the first few steps, you want to start building a prototype of this app. There are specific softwares that can help with that, and allow you to see how all the features are functioning with one another. This gets you closer to completion and official launch date. This step is also known and the wireframe and storyboard.

5) Back-end

Every software and app needs a back-end development, which is what was done in the previous step. This step is mostly about modifying the wireframe and storyboard if needed.


6) Testing

Once a rough draft of the app has been done, ask your close circles to test the app to get as much constructive feedback from them as possible. People with little knowledge of app development might give you very defining pointers!


Part II of this blog will be released in two weeks. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or want to work with us on building your next app!