Social media, two small words that seem to be on everyone’s mouths lately. From common local TV, radio, to worldwide events, social media has exerted its presents.Surveys have revealed that more than 95% of Facebook users (and 60% of Twitter users) log into their accounts every day. I know what you are thinking, “but will social media help me?”Many are thinking the same question, so why wait? Start now and create an online presence and be a step ahead of the game! Social media marketing can extendthe outreach of “word-of-mouth” from tens to billions. Can you imagine that? Having 10x, no 1000x more clients than Joe next door? In this day and age, social media marketing is more efficient than the traditional fliers and TV commercials. This is extremely beneficial for small businesses and professionals, as they often deal with common struggles of limited financial resources, little exposure and not enough time in the day to get stuff done. That’s why establishing a social media presence can be key to success. Social media marketing not only puts you on the global stage, but also allows you to connect with your clients. Although the idea of putting time and resources into managing social media is usually overlooked at first due to its overwhelming complexity but that’s why we are here to help. With the right guidance, social media can be the effective and simple solution. That’s why at Mobi Apps Experts, we provide continuous support that is flexible to your every needs.

Solid Foundation: Everything in one place

68% of consumers expect brands to have a social media presence. But Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, Vine, Tumblr, do they make your head spin?It seems like social media platforms change more than the weather. That’s why at Mobi Apps Experts, we have all the gears prepared for you no matter what the “weather” is. At Mobi Apps Experts, we start out by providing you with a solid foundation: opening all your social media accounts.There’s no need to fuss with confusing options and set ups.We will keep all your accounts information organized so there is no need to search or a lost password!


Manager Man and Specialized Sam

Now what? So what if you have some social media accounts? That’s where Manager Man and Specialized Sam come in. There is no point if your accounts are not properly managed with specialized content. At Mobi Apps Experts, we create unique, targeted content for all your social media accounts.We monitor, and analyse real-time social media insights from all platforms for your best outcome. We create a social media marketing plan that makes sense. We will take you from zero to hero.

Search Engine Optimization

Most people goonly as far as optimizing their website, but at Mobi Apps Experts, we develop many strategies to improve search engine rankings of not only website but also all public content. We enforce on-site optimization, link building, social signals, and more for your specialized content so your brand will appear on google, through other websites, blogs, videos, and apps.


Ask me anything

Engaging with new and old customers, building your brand and its awareness, and delivering great customer service, are all achievable. All of them at its core require customer engagement and connections. At Mobi Apps Experts, we create targeted content which helps you include with your clients and patients in your brand and services. Have you always thought what the other end felt? Ever wanted feedbacks on your services? Facebook, Twitter and other social media are perfect to get customers\\\’ feedbacks and reinforce stronger relationships with existing customers. Communicating to the customers on a personal basis can leave a strong positive impression and increase the word-of-mouth. By creating an interactive presence online, it attract potential new customers. At Mobi Apps, we generate engaging customers, who will stay loyal.

Give away to success

There are assortment of ways to drive engagements or sales. At Mobi Apps Experts, we develop a variety of creative campaigns for whatever your marketing objective may be. Giveaways can be one of the most effective social media marketing strategiesto use to gain new customers. At Mobi Apps Experts, we design one-of-a-kind images and content just for you.We manage giveaways on all social media outlets including creating all landing pagesand content that fits each social media platforms’ rules and regulations.




For social media beginners

Social media Content+Posting strategy

Weekly social media updates (3 posts per week)
Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus

Pinterest account management
Up to 12 content updates per month

Social media graphics pack
Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, YouTube cover images



For social media enthusiasts

Social media Content+Posting strategy

Weekly social media updates (up to 6 posts per week)
Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus

Pinterest account management
Up to 12 content updates per month

Social media graphics pack X12
A new look EVERY MONTH! (includes 12 Facebook, 12 Google Plus, 12 Twitter, 12 YouTube cover images)

Custom Facebook Apps
Up to 3 custom Facebook apps

Social Media marketing strategy
One-time Specials, Promotions, Sweepstakes, etc.

Facebook Advertising
Setup, management and performance reports. Advertising budget NOT included.

YouTube video management
Video optimization, maintenance and community management


per month

As unique and flexible as your business.

Social Media setup
Starting from scratch? No problem!

Beyond Social Media
E-mail marketing campaign, landing pages, etc.

Press Releases
Give your business maximum online exposure

Up to 4 articles per month

It’s easy to get started with our Social Media packages. Simply fill out the form and we will get in touch with you within 48 hours! Also, don’t forget to check out the case study!

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