Sirena Inc.

How we built Sirena’s social media presence from the ground up, dramatically increased brand awareness and re-designed the official website.

Who are Sirena Inc.?

Sirena Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of Sirena Total Home Cleaning System – a premium water-based vacuum cleaner. Headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, Sirena Inc. distributes its products through an extensive network of over 500 dealers in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Industry: Home Appliances

Social Media Marketing, Web Design, PPC Marketing

A complete social media marketing and web development project for a premiere water vacuum cleaner manufacturer.

We built Sirena’s social media presence from the ground up, developed and supported their official website, official e-commerce store, and provided support for many other company initiatives including press releases and PPC marketing. We are currently working shoulder-to-shoulder with Sirena on various digital marketing projects.

Responsive Website Development and Support

Complete Social Media Setup: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram

Lead Generation

Sweepstakes, promotions, contests, etc.

Press releases

Today, with over 500 dealers in more than 30 countries worldwide, Sirena Inc. is a premiere water vacuum cleaner manufacturer headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario.

When we began our partnership, Sirena only had an old, poorly optimized website and nothing else. Designing a brand new responsive website was our first priority. Next began the optimization phase. We carefully tweaked keywords, meta descriptions, backlinks, and other SEO elements to achieve a continuous improvement in the number of unique visitors to Sirena’s new website. Finally, we set up and managed Sirena’s total social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram) including creating the social media policy and strategy, curating content and providing assistance with community management. Another big initiative was developing and administering a highly successful Facebook sweepstakes contest which helped to dramatically increase the total reach of Sirena’s social campaigns.

Are you a new start-up looking to establish your brand on social media? Or are you a seasoned business looking to refresh your social brand image? We took Sirena from nothing to over 4,000 Likes on Facebook in less than six months on a limited advertising budget. How was that possible? A smart combination of a social media posting strategy, sweepstakes, and laser-targeted pay per click ads can do wonders for established businesses and newcomers alike. Contact us today and give your business the social media marketing service it deserves!

The results we achieved together with MobiApps Experts are truly amazing!

Toufic Khayrallah (TK)
Founder & CEO of Sirena Inc.