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How an up-and-coming dental clinic in Barrhaven made the leap to go social.

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Who are Aqua Dental?

Aqua Dental, located in Barrhaven, Ottawa, is a premium-class dentistry specializing in preventative, restorative and cosmetic dental services. Aqua Dental is a well-known and respected name in the Barrhaven community.

Industry: Dental Services

Social Media

A brand new social media experience for a premium-class dental centre.

We created, managed and supported a complete social media experience of Aqua Dental. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Google Plus.

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Community Management

When Aqua Dental first approached us, their social media presence was lacking at best. The Facebook page hadn’t been updated in months and the Twitter account hadn’t been touched since the opening date. The condition of Aqua Dental’s social media presence contrasted sharply with the overall image of the business: modern, fresh and brightly-coloured.

We redesigned everything from scratch, including the cover images and logos. We also set up and managed the “missing” social media accounts: Pinterest, YouTube and Google Plus. Using smart low-cost laser-targeted Facebook ads we promoted Aqua Dental’s special events such as the “Free Dental Day 2014”. Going forward we’re regularly updating all Aqua Dental’s social media accounts with new and exciting dental tips, news and special announcements.

Are you a dentist or a health professional? Do you have an old and forgotten Facebook page that doesn’t generate traffic and convert visitors into loyal clients? You are in the right place! Contact us today and we can help you transform your social media presence, just like we helped Aqua Dental!

I’ve never been a “social media” person, but now I’m totally excited to see what we’re posting each week and how my clients respond.

Dr. Huda Abu-Jarad
owner @ Aqua Dental and a loyal client