Mobile activity is poised to overtake desktop/laptop activity, so mobiles are at something of a tipping point. For many businesses, in the beginning, a website was an exotic item of possession. The phone book was all what many businesses needed, and no one was willing to hasten the use of a website. However, as websites got easy to create and became user friendly, every business eventually got one. They became too valuable a tool for connecting with customers, and no one would imagine starting a business without a website at the point. However, in this time and era, the use of mobile apps are headed in the same direction. Statistics have shown that 86% of the time that is spent on a handheld device is spent on mobile apps, with a mere 14% spent on browser. If all consumers will be on mobiles most of their time, why aren’t you? Why wait until your competitions hop on the app bandwagon and get a better head start? At Mobi Apps experts, we help you successfully join the app-development club. As a small business owner, deciding whether to join the app-development club can be a difficult decision. However, it is one of those investments that is more than likely to bring the customers and the profit you need to expand. Apps have the potential to act as a great promotional tool. They can act as a great showcase for your products and services, and can even help you partner with other similar companies to increase your network. Getting an app for business makes you stand out amongst your competition, as it shows that you are a company of innovation and creativity.

Your business in your customer’s pocket

With more than 750 000 apps in the iOS App Store and 700 000 available in Google, it seems as though absolutely everyone has an App. This is your chance to become the one on the leading edge by marketing the services and reaching the target audience where they are spending most of their time and money. By creating an app for business, you are always at the fingertips of your customers, and your business is in their pockets.


Push Notifications

Push Notifications are easier to send than email, and they don’t end up in spam boxes. Studies show that nearly 100% of text messages are opened and responded to within 60 minutes, and the operating rates are 93%. That’s why Push Notifications are so essential to an effective mobile strategy. Not only will they be responded to quickly, they ensure that everything new that happens in your business is easily visible to your customers and that they do not have to surf on their own, everything will simply be at their fingertips.

Total customization

Getting an app for your business means you are able to customize it in order to accommodate many of the features that your business has to offer. Not only will the app be a source of information but also an easier way for your customers to connect with you. Many features such as coupons, menus, mobile commerce, and lead generation amongst others add to the attractiveness of your business app, and hence your business. At Mobi Apps Experts, we ensure that the right features for your company are added to give you the satisfaction of a great running app for business and bring in the flow of customers.


4 apps for the price of 1

Many companies offer separate quotes for apps for each of the different devices, such as an iPhone, iPad, or Android. However, with Mobi Apps Experts, you get mobile on for all the common platforms for a moderate price, or as we say it, four for one. These include an app for iPhone, iPad, Android, and also HTML5. The website that we create is mobile friendly and aims to avoid the hassle of horizontal scrolling, a feature despised by many.

Advanced Support

Getting started with an app is the first step—at Mobi Apps Experts, we go above and beyond. We work hand in hand to ensure that enough assistance is provided to run the app smoothly post-development and to promote the app. Not all companies have the luxury of offering such service. We provide materials such as posters, QR codes and table tents. Our provisions do not end here; we go an extra step to train the company’s staff so that they have the exact knowledge needed to successfully run the technology, such as the push notifications, etc. In order to provide complete service, we provide a “Value Package” which contains the necessary information pertaining to marketing of the app, including useful tips and suggestions.


It’s easy to get started building a mobile app for your business with us. Simply fill out the form and we will get in touch with you within 48 hours! Also, don’t forget to check out the case study!

Case Study

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