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Managing social media pages and running social media campaigns are not quite the same thing. What we do as an agency is the former, and upon client request we would run a campaign that would last a short while. Campaigns that big brands have undertaken can teach everyone, including us, how to take it to the next level. By writing this blog, we are also educating ourselves!

Eurostar, with the help of an agency, had created a campaign through Instagram with about 200 images and animated videos. They even created a separate account with the name of the campaign (La Vie on Board), and attempted to dazzle followers with visuals as well as subtly offering special ticket prices to destinations in London and Paris.

Their campaign was successful because they created something so unique within an existing platform. They managed an additional following as well as plenty of engagement. is an emerging platform that is generating plenty of buzz, although it’s not for everyone. If you are into music and make your own videos, hop on to it NOW.

Coca Cola is known for its tasty beverages, but even more for it’s amazing marketing campaigns. Following up on ‘Share the coke’, they had started a new campaign in China, which they then brought into the US. Their campaign was called “Share a Coke and a song”, where they targeted as the main campaign platform and got some famous artists to collaborate. A contest was hosted which invited their followers to create music videos with the songs on the bottles and share them on

That, too, went very well! 900,000 new music videos and over 100 million views and a trendy new hashtag, #ShareaCoke . Coca Cola specifically wanted to target teenagers passionate about music, and there was a platform exactly for that!

Are you a Taco fan? If yes, you’ll enjoy this segment of the blog. Taco Bell and an LA Agency partnered up to create…. a taco emoji! This was a Twitter campaign that was based on audience engagement with emojis, and Taco Bell would respond with a GIFs whenever they got a tweet. However, to keep up with demand, TB automated the responses, but the campaign was very successful too.



What does a brand do when a competitor sponsors an event they want to get their name into? AirBnb had to get creative around its limits around the Oscars, which in a way turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Their hashtag #LiveInTheMovies encouraged followers to suggest what movie they would have liked to be in during that weekend. AirBnb was NOT even allowed to talk about the Oscars.

Things worked out just fine for the big brand and showed that there is always a way to think outside the box when limitations are imposed.

These stories will carry on over the next couple of weeks. If there’s a social media campaign that recently caught your attention, feel free to share it in the comments! We have already learned so much from this! 🙂

This weeks’ blog is set to be a bit different. Even though we are a social media agency that helps small businesses grow their presence online, we are a startup ourselves. We care about the businesses we work for and how they develop and sell their products/services. This blog is aimed at companies who aren’t just starting, but also those who are trying to rebrand.

First meetings

The first important meetings should discuss what makes the business unique, and how the heads of businesses are going to convey that to the public – solving this issue is important because it puts you in a clear direction. It can change the focus and change the approach.

So the question they should be asking themselves is “Why are we doing this?”


Effective leadership

Passion begins from the top.

The owner and CEO need to create a united team out of their employees to have the best chance of moving forward. Leadership needs to inspire everybody on a daily basis and allow employees to feel important.

There is no need for the most beautiful office if the people can be the priceless assets. It’s all about create a fun, productive and strong culture at the office to make everyone feel at home, outside of their home!



The hiring process should take its time, and find the perfect people for any openings. People who will be a good fit professionally and personally, and who will get along with their co-workers. And most importantly, these new recruits must feel the passion towards the company mission and vision. They will put in more effort than they are asked for!

The wrong people will not stay long and will risk destabilizing the business.

Are you ready to get going now? 🙂