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For the first time on this MobiApps Experts blog, I’m going to do something different. I have spent every other week since June discussing many topics related to what we do, and never had a chance to mention why and how I’m here today, writing for you.

In June of 2013, I had just finished my Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences, at the University of Ottawa, while having already begun my job search. I always had a keen eye on social media, but little did I know that it could be done as a career. However, thanks to an old friend at the time, who had suggested over brunch that I could look into this. She left me startled.

Then came July, approximately a month after my graduation, when a Facebook post in a university group backed my friend’s claim. A digital startup wanted a social media manager. With no professional experience, I enthusiastically went for it, and signed a contract a couple of weeks later.

I felt fortunate to be given a chance, by the very friendly owners, and they gave me confidence that I could do a good job, along with my supervisor’s help. I was enjoying every bit of it, and glad I had found this gig. At the same time, I had also accepted a position in an event startup, in the logistics team, but marketing was still a responsibility. I knew I could apply my slowly growing experience of social media marketing into the other role, and felt a happy person juggling both at the same time.

My responsibilities with MobiApps Experts included managing their very own account, a mortgage broker’s account, and a popular restaurant at the time. Always its challenges, but definitely enjoyed it! I was feeling so good that despite having studied sociology, I wanted a future career creating content for social media.

Because the work was remote, team meetings were occasional but I felt a good belonging in the group and was surrounded by smart peers who helped me out and vice versa when I could. Until today, it is still the same, solid group dynamic who have enjoyed a competitive game of bowling a couple of times!

Sadly, I had to leave the team by the next summer because opportunities came along that weren’t coming back again, but stayed in good contact with the group, hoping I would rejoin again. I did just that, almost two years later, and went right back into the accounts I previously had, as if nothing had changed!

To this day I still enjoy crafting content and writing blogs on a weekly basis. I have managed to generate traffic and grow the accounts I have worked with, but I keep striving for more. I always feel grateful for the opportunity given to me by the owners and supervisor.

Without them, I truly wouldn’t have taken the career path I am in today, especially the marketing communications masters program in the UK!

Welcome to 2017! Our last blog of 2016 discussed technologies that could affect marketers (like us) in this new year, but this week we’ll discuss how we can have a better year. We always have to adapt to changes, tweak ourselves and our methods a little bit, in order to stay relevant and competitive.

1) Online organization

“New year, new me” goes the cliche, meaning businesses have to update their online profiles, whether on social media or the website, or perhaps both! What we suggest is that we must update all the information we show the world, so that we are prepared for new business whenever it comes. It’s the simplest of tasks and can make a big difference in the weeks to come.

2) Video

Yes, it’s exactly what you’re thinking. It’s the nth time we speak about this, because it really is quite important. Social media is becoming more and more about video, because that’s what drives the most engagement! It can consist of anything, from 360 to Live and also ads (least recommended?).

If you want to develop a more personal connection with your audience, good quality videos about what you do or see is a great way to get their attention. Because most are on mobile too, they just like to hold their devices and watch motion picture for a few minutes – take advantage of this!


3) Social Media Strategy ‘refresh’

Just like #1, a new audit should take place for all social media of your business to see where it went well and not so well. It’s probably time to set new goals and try something new, perhaps? Instead of focusing on selling, focus more on documenting your journey? Audience would appreciate it much more!

4) Reviews

You always want to keep the audience and clients happy, so feedback is important. Word of mouth marketing is stronger than you think, with most people making purchase decisions solely based on that, even if price is beyond their budget!

Just don’t be afraid to ask! Negatives can be important to turn into positives.


5) Optimization for search

On the slightly more complex and technical side, don’t forget to optimize for mobile and keep track of analytics to stay relevant in Google Search.

You need to see where your money would be best invested so that less is wasted on digital marketing efforts, especially for marketing that is paid such as google ads and so on…

When customers reach you, ask them how they got here; there may be a trend for you to double up on.

6) Trend awareness

2017 will bring new trends that will be a hit, which the online community will want to catch on and use for their entertainment or advantage. Marketers like us will need to keep an eye out for those to use for business reasons, in a suitable way if possible.

If you recall, one of the biggest mobile trends last year was Pokemon Go, and the ‘mannequin challenge’, which businesses appeared to use to their advantage but the hype only lasted a few months. Analyze every situation before jumping in it; not all will stay popular for long.

                              A mannequin challenge