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Video marketing. It all began with YouTube in 2005, when curious subscribers were able to start viewing and posting their own videos onto the Internet. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Vines and Periscope were not yet around. Today, video content can be seen on all of the mentioned above, but in very different ways.

There has become an increasing number of people who take to YouTube to make their Internet careers. They are either make-up artists who try to teach women new techniques, they can be online gamers who film themselves playing, comedians who make their name on YouTube and start going on tours when they are popular enough. That is not to say it is easy to get a YouTube career going. Almost anybody can set up an account and record a video, but it is the quality of the content that will win viewers and subscribers.


Pewdiepie, probably the most successful YouTuber to date

Instagram today allows us to record about 60 second videos and are slowly planning on making it longer. Twitter videos are usually brought on from Vines and are very short lasting, usually 6.30 seconds to be precise. Useful for people who would not usually want to watch very long videos and prefer quick content.


Periscope allows users to record themselves live while going about their day. Followers of particular accounts usually comment which make a quick appearance during the live recording. These are mostly used by popular social influencers and celebrities. They tend to answer to comments and questions that others type up, and consist no more than a few words. The comment ‘bubbles’ make an appearance so quick that the person recording the video does not always have plenty of time to read it.

What about Snapchat? Longer than Twitter, but much shorter than Instagram. Users can usually record videos for upto 10 seconds long while their caption is also present to describe the content of the video.


And then, we have Facebook. The Internet had shown concerns recently that it was on the decline, but after the introduction of the Live feature, almost any user can now record themselves doing whatever it is they wish. It is now being used frequently by celebrities, fan pages and even online magazines to deliver a presentation to followers, or to simply conduct Q&As.

The interaction with followers is very simple. The comment section becomes very important, as this helps the main user lead the conversation and answer questions, return occasional greetings, and answer questions. Brands are also using this frequently if there is an event happening at their store, or for a promotional launch.

My question is, will more people start using it on a regular basis, for any kind of reason? Will it mark the end of status updates and photo sharing, and simply going on live to record a video? I truly believe this is only the beginning, especially for Facebook, as its popularity has regrown again following this introduction.

I am sure Snapchat and Instagram will come up with their unique features and policies in the coming months, which will allow longer recording and potentially a similar concept to Facebook and Periscope. However, Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel has suggested he wants to keep Snapchat as it is and not let lose its identity by following the lead of the others.

For most businesses in Ottawa, the summer is the busiest season of the year. For others, it may be the slow, sluggish season. Regardless of which category your business happens to fit in, you can still be productive this summer 2016.Nothing is hotter than social media right now: It is time to fire up your social media techniques by following some of these sizzling hot strategies!

Refine marketing with the season

It is very important to make a few changes to your advertising that make your content more appealing to a summer audience.

During the warmer months of the year, people like to relax and de-stress. Make sure that your content and covers reflect this. Emphasize aspects such as relaxation, convenience, savings and of course, fun. This is what summer is all about after all! Marry your brand with the season.


Adjust posting times

What time of day you target your audience is just as important as what you target them with. The timing may differ in the summer from other seasons.  In the colder months it becomes dark between 4 and 6 pm so more people stay indoors and conduct searches online.

During summer, it’s typically light out until 8 or 9 pm. People stay outdoors much longer. In general, they are online less during the day, especially if the weather is prime. Keep this in mind when you schedule your posts.

Snap summer “Selfies”

Most businesses focus their marketing strategy on sharing business-related content, but giving your followers a peak behind-the-scenes can give them a better idea of your company’s personality and foster engagement for your other content. Use your business social media page to post photos from the company BBQ or pool party. Post some fun pictures of your loyal customers enjoying the hot weather at a picnic! Share your summer recipes or link to videos of summer office activities. Giving your audience a look on the inside helps strengthen relationships, and makes your business more real and approachable. Show your business personality and increase engagement.


Summer Sweepstakes

Follower engagement is crucial to the success of your social media campaign and the best way to get your followers involved is to ask them! Invite them to share their own summer photos featuring your brand. This strategy increases your network engagement and you benefit by automatically getting great user-generated content.

Be Daring

Try something new. Post more than you usually would, and not all of it should be about your product and brand. Go for the natural marketing feel by discussing things at a more human level! Talk about summer community events with your audience.

Try A New Tool

Take advantage of the potentially slower summer business pace and use that free time to try out a hot new social media tool. Try a visual platform such as Instagram, Vine or Pinterest. Set a reasonable goal such as posting 2 new photos per week. The summer months may not be enough time to gauge the effectiveness, but it could also be a hidden gem in your social media marketing efforts! The only way to find out is to try and when September comes around, decide if you want to continue to grow your presence on that platform.

You could also take a stab at a new type of social media post. Consider trying a Facebook quiz or trivia question, a caption contest, a question for the audience or featuring a customer story.


Grow your Network

This is the hottest time of the year to find new people and potential customers to connect with online using LinkedIn and Twitter. Aiming to grow your Facebook likes is not a bad idea either. Keep in mind that if engagement is down during the summer because users are outdoors, it is not unlikely that it is down for your competitors. Still, find that personal connection to people that can help grow your business even during the slow days of summer!

If it happens to be busy for your business through the summer season, grow your email list! Something as simple as a paper sign-up sheet can go a long way in helping you stay in touch with customers after they visit your boutique, eat at your restaurant, or come into your office.