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Using social media platforms is a foolproof way to connect with your audience members and readership on a more intimate level and grow your blog reach at the same time. There are countless apps available to you and there are new ones developing daily. Some apps and social media platforms are blazing a trail in the blogging world that every blog in the community should take advantage of. In the last blog article, we took a look at various popular social media platforms and how to implement them to maximize your user engagement and gear traffic toward your blog page. There are also several key things to keep in mind once you are familiar with social media platforms and decide which ones you want to use:

icon-set-1175043_960_720FIVE KEY THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND:

  1. PICK YOUR FAVOURITE FEW: When you find out just how exciting and useful all of these social media platforms can be, it is easy to get ahead of yourself checking and updating all of them. Let’s think realistically, there is not enough time in the day to spend a good amount of quality time on all of these outlets, even if it was all you did for your whole day. Pick your favourite social media platforms and commit to them! Spend the majority of your time focusing on one and dabble in the rest of them later! You can also alternate which ones you spend more time on.
  2. DON’T FORGET SOCIAL MEDIA ICONS: If you have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and an Instagram account, make sure you have links for all three on your blog page and website! When someone finds your blog and decides to become a regular follower, it will be so much easier for them if they could just click and go directly to your Instagram account to see if they want to follow you all over social media. Instagram is a good place to remind them to connect with your blog and check back regularly when you post something new.
  3. STAY CONSISTENT IN YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA PLATOFRMS: When you first start to create all these social media platforms for your blog, be sure to keep your names consistent to streamline your presence. You want it to be simple and easy for readers to find your account, your Instagram, your Pinterest and so on. The key is to keep your name consistent and easy to remember and track. Try to stick with your blog name as much as possible when doing this. If you would like to tag a fellow blogger who encouraged you with positive feedback or gave you an idea, try to tag them by their name or blog Be memorable, simple, and stay consistent.
  4. MAKE CONNECTIONS:There is more to social media than just flooding your audience with your blog Yes, it is the right place to share your posts BUT you have the opportunity to share so much more than just blog content. Take advantage of the power of social media and make connections with your fans and followers on a deeper more intimate level. Share your thoughts from your day, especially if they spread positivity or ask questions to actively engage with your readers. Share anything that represents a common interest and it does not always have to relate to your blog or business. Try asking who’s keeping up with the latest TV show for example.
  5. TRY NEW THINGS: Social media is changing every single day. Remember Myspace? Many people loved their Myspace and only got a Facebook account because it was like a rite of passage. Twitter is not for everyone but is a great resource for connecting with your readers. Don’t be afraid to play around and try out new apps to see how they help or hinder your social media reach and how they help you make connections with your readership and community. Not every platform is right for your niche audience and readers. It really depends on your industry. Remember, you don’t have to do everything but you won’t know what you like for your blog until you try new things, so get out there and explore!