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Do you want to expand your business reach to a new audience on Facebook? Have you tried targeting niche audiences?

Targeting niche groups on Facebook, as well as your regular audience, will help you create new channels of traffic. But how do you reach your niche audience? Read on.


Discover Your Niche Audience

A good brainstorming session will do the trick to present a secondary audience. Think of how your product or service can benefit people other than your primary audience to identify new features that will interest a wider client base.

A second way to get started is to dig into Facebook’s Audience Insights tool to learn more about what your primary audience is all about. Consider any shared interests you find to identify secondary groups of people who might qualify as a niche audience for your business.

Target Your Niche Audience

When you’ve discovered what kind of audience you want to target on Facebook, you can make use of the Audience Optimization tool to ensure your post will be seen by users who are most likely to engage with the post.

Okay. You have discovered your niche audience and know how to target that group. Here’s how to make the most of your exposure and maximize that reach:

1: Speak So They Understand

Many niche groups use a specific language of words, slang, expressions that differentiates them from other groups. Whether you’re trying to connect with athletes, yogis or raw vegans it’s important to speak the same language they do.

To get acquainted with the specific language of a niche, try to search Google for phrases such as ‘CrossFit slang’. You can also try ‘Online Slang Dictionary’ or ‘Urban Dictionary’ to learn the meaning of words that are specific to a niche group.

Make a list of the words used by the niche audience and use the terms in your posts to reflect the mood and style of the group you want to target in order to maximize appeal and encourage engagement. Don’t forget to respond to comments with the same words your potential clients use.

2: Support Their Interests

Posting pictures and links that appeal to the mood and mindset of your niche audience can be especially effective because they’re attractive and easy to share.

To avoid losing your original audience with this technique, make sure the images or links you post are still relevant to your existing audience in addition to your niche. Otherwise, you may not get any engagement at all which won’t do any good for your business.

Even if you don’t directly tailor a Facebook post to a specific niche audience base, you can appeal to their interests indirectly.

You can go even further by posing a question that helps your niche audience know that their opinion is important to you and that you value their feedback, therefore increasing your chances of engaging members of your niche audience in a conversation.

3: Support Their Social Opinion

If your business openly accepts or aligns with a niche audience on a particular issue or controversial topic, you can feel free to publish posts that make a clear statement to signify your support.

If you like to share posts that feature quotes or people who are seen as authoritative figures and influential towards your target group, you can encourage your niche audience to share your post and help you reach others who are interested or passionate about the subject.


Last Word

Reaching out to niche groups of potential clients on Facebook, in addition to your primary audience can aid in creating new avenues of traffic and engagement as well as furthering your reach to new client bases.

By applying the tips above, you can engage your niche audience effectively. Prepare your Facebook posts with your niche group in mind, ensuring that you can capture their attention when they are scrolling through. The first 3 to 4 words of your post have to grab the attention so it is important to use language that they understand and identify with.

Have you tried targeting any niche groups on Facebook to expand the potential of your business? What tactics work for you? Share your thoughts and give some feedback! We’d love to hear from you.

Have you seen growth in your business since 2015? What is your plan to continue that growth throughout 2016? As a business owner, you should take the time to look over your marketing strategy and identify what contributed to your success and what may be improved.

There are many things you can do to drive your business success. The internet is filled with tips. One thing you can do it to be more specific and tailor your marketing based on your industry.

  1. Home services

Plumbers, electricians and most trades and small businesses that serve their customers in the industry of home services often have a lot of competition to go up against. How do you stand out?

  • Search engine authority: In this industry, the way it works is that customers give you a call when something is broken or needs maintenance, so it is crucial to rank well in search engine results. Build your authority, and rankings as a result, with website search engine optimization (SEO) and authoritative content about your business and services.
  • Email marketing:These days, people are spammed with emails. Despite this, it is still a good way of reminding your potential customers that you can help them out. Every campaign should be sent for a reason, such as educational or newsworthy content or a promotion for your services.
  • Educational content:Good content has the potential to build your website’s authority in search-engine rankings and it can also do some selling for you, or at least save you time educating your customers about your business or services.


  1. Professional services

Lawyers, real-estate agents, accountants and other small business professionals that provide services to individuals and other businesses must compete with several othersimilar providers. Standing out and finding clients beyond word-of-mouth advertising and referrals can be difficult and usually requires hard work and a big marketing budget. But there are things you can do to make your business stand out online without breaking the bank or spending too much time.

  • Search engine authority:The easiest way to gain new clients online is to appear in the top couple of search engine results when your potential clients search for keywords associated with your service.
  • Video:Video is a great marketing tool as visuals are king. People are engaging more and more with videos, therefore it is the best type of content to share on social media in the way of expanding your reach and increasing engagement from clients.
  • Educational content:As part of your website SEO strategy, you should publish educational content frequently (once a month, minimum). The easiest way to do this is to update your website blog with informative posts about your services, trends or updates in your particular industry, educational posts about things your clients may not know, etc.

 legal service

  1. Retail

After the holiday season, it is tough to keep the level up as there is a sudden slowdown in business. You can strengthen your business with a strategy for supporting your business using online tools and tactics.

  • Mobile-friendly e-commerce: Regardless of your industry or business type, mobile marketing is essential. For retailers, mobile-friendly websites are a great feature for showcasing your products when your customers aren’t physically present in your store. With an e-commerce website, you have the ability to increase sales locally and even nationally.
  • Reward program:Most retailers find it a challenge to build loyalty and increase their return customer base. Get creative about options you can put in place as an incentive for customers to come back, such as including a coupon with every purchase (or purchases above a set amount), providing stamp cards to work toward a discount or giveaway item, etc. You could even offer a discount or free item for customers who sign up for your email list.
  • Email marketing:A proven method of reminding your customers to visit your store is email marketing. Create a list through a pop-up on your website or sign-up form in your store, and send monthly campaigns to showcase new products, offer a monthly discount code or coupon, and announce any upcoming sales or events.


These marketing strategy tips are just a few to get you started in your small business marketing endeavors for 2016. Your year will be off to a successful start if you implement the right tips for your industry, no matter what industry you’re in!