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Creating an amazing blog post takes a whole lot more than just decent writing skills and a compelling topic.

Many bloggers have those basic skills, yet their posts are routinely ignored.  What’s wrong here?  Let’s take a look at what happens after a post is published.

You finally hit the publish button on an article you spent hours writing.  When the post goes up online, you eagerly check the stats.  It doesn’t seem to be making a dent.  Not one comment.  No one is sharing it.  No one notices it.

Let’s back track to the start

Research proves that many readers do not make it past the title of your post.  Was your title too long or ambiguous?  Did you hook your readers by making them curious or evoking an emotion response?

Usually the first 3 words and last 3 words of your title are all that will register with your readers. Did you put the most important words near the beginning and end of your title? The beginning of your title is also more weighted for SEO, so it is a good idea to fit your key words into the title.

Think about using numbers because they do a good job at evoking emotions and curiosity, and use no more than 6 words to make sure the entire title is read by readers.

Are Your Paragraphs Hard To Read?

Let’s explore that awesome blog post you just finished writing. Did you write it as though it were a novel?Not a good idea.

In the online world, the most important factors are the ease of reading and the ability to scan a post. You should use paragraphs that are 1 to 4 sentences long. It might seem absurd but it works.

Your readers may just scan all the way through your post if you use this approach.

Visuals are KEY to Your Blog


Photos are essential in your blog post.

If you’re not the best at photography, there are great service like Dollar Photo Club so you can still fill your blog with eye-catching visuals.

At the very least, your blog post should be equipped with a header photo or featured image at the top. Visuals throughout the post will keep attention and help to convey your message.

Interlinking Works Wonders

Your blog post can have embedded links to multiple other posts. If you do this skillfully, you hardly notice that the links are there because they mesh so seamlessly with the message. At the same time, your readers can’t help but to click on them and read further.

Link to Valuable Resources for Credibility

You may be worried that linking to other pages will steer the traffic away from your page. True in some cases, but in reality, Google loves relevant links.

Your readers will like that you provide helpful content and won’t be afraid to share it. Share resources that are useful and your readers will come back for more.

Detailed is the New Short

Recently, some studies show that longer posts are better than short.

Google loves helpful, detailed posts that provide good resources for readers because they love sharing useful posts.

700 to 1500 words seem to be a sweet spot for getting more attention from Google and more shares. Sometimes short witty posts are all you need as long as you can fit in SEO keywords and relevant information. Cater to what your readers like.

Make Your Content Really Easy to Share

Add sharing buttons in every place that seems relevant. Make it easy for others to share!

Compel Action!

Ask for your readers’ thoughts on the post and ask if they want to share them in the comments. Maybe you want them to sign up for your email list to gain more resources that go with what they’ve just read. Either way, give your readers some steps they can take next after reading your post.

Use Headers and Sub-headers to Make Your Post Easier to Navigate

These are crucial for making it easy for the eye to scan down the page.

You can use the <h2> and <h3> tags when you write.  The larger titles can be done with the <h2> tag.

Bullets and numbering are also an easy way to organize your post better.


Keys to Assembling an Awesome Blog Post

  1. Title – 6 Meaningful Words
  2. Many Short Paragraphs
  3. Feature Photo
  4. Interlinking to relevant posts
  5. Link to Helpful Resources
  6. 700-1500 Words to Maximize Sharing & SEO
  7. Social Media Buttons for Sharing
  8. Call to Action
  9. Sub-headers



If you think digital marketing does not make a significant difference to benefit your business…think again! Most small business owners have the predisposition to think that switching from traditional to digital marketing is complicated and time consuming. On the contrary! With a small amount of time and effort, your business reach will more than double because of the incredible opportunities and benefits made possible through digital marketing.

Already we see trends that suggest that advertising spending for online ads is overtaking advertising on television and cable networks by far. Traditional advertising does not have that much power anymore in a world where digital marketing on multi-channels is increasing drastically. Brands now use multiple digital marketing channels to advertise as well! What spurred this increase in the use of digital marketing, you may wonder? Why it is the consumers themselves, believe it or not!

As many as 72% of consumers are already connecting with brands and businesses through their variety ofdigital marketing channels and activities online, according to reports from funny part is that despite the fact thatconsumers, brands and business owners are both switching towards the digital marketingroute, many small businesses are still slow to pick up the trend.

Contrary to what most small business owners and entrepreneuring professionals think, digital marketing is not as complex as it may seem. The effort would be very much worth it as many businesses have already experienced and felt the benefits. If all this still is not enough to convince you to switch to digital marketing, then these top 10 benefits surely might persuade you further:

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  1. Digital marketing connects your business with consumers on the web – Those old days when people had to scan through volumes of phone directories or browse through pages upon pages of pamphlets to look for information about a product or service are long gone! Now, at least 80% of consumersmake use of the Internet to conduct their search for information and to make the search a whole lot easier and way more convenient.
  2. Digital marketing generates higher conversion rates – Through digital marketing, your business has the ability to reach out to specific or target audiences, generate leads and achieve as much as 24% increase in conversion rates.
  3. Digital marketing saves you money and is often timesbe free – There are so many reports that describe how small business owners are already getting incredible benefits from digital marketing, with as much as 40% who report considerable savings generated from their efforts. Advertising on social media networks is often free so a small amount of effort goes a long way in gaining your business exposure!
  4. Digital marketing allows for real-time customer service – The real-time response environment fostered by digital marketing can leave a big impact on the success of your business.
  5. Digital marketing connects your business with the mobile consumer –Digital marketing can help you tap into the giganticonline market, now that mobile marketing generates its own organic traffic. According to eMarketer, mobile technology is also influencing the buying behavior of many consumers.
  6. Digital marketinghelps generate higher revenue –Many reports suggest thatconsumers need six touch points before they are convinced to buy, but if they do, they would spend as much as four times asany other types of customers and that is, of course, really good for yourbusiness if you happen to be online and digital!
  7. Digital marketing delivers higher ROI from your campaigns – Digital marketing can help businesses generate better Cost-Per-Lead compared to traditional marketing, or even telemarketing.
  8. Digital marketing keeps your business at par with competition – Many brands and businesses are really giving their digital marketing strategy and campaigns their full effort and attention, using various channels available digitally, including display, PPC, mobile and social media.
  9. Digital marketing can help your business compete with larger businesses – Digital marketing not only keeps you at par with your competition, it can also enable you to compete head to head with big brands and large corporations because they are all using a digital marketing strategy.


10.Digital marketing prepares your business for the developing Internet world – By the year 2020, How many billion gadgets do you think will be available? Think smartphones, tablets, watches, eyeglass, appliances, shoes and more – all interconnected in a global online ecosystem that makes up this great web.