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As we approach the year’s end, most businesses are at the point where they will ride out the holiday season with their existing mobile and web marketing strategy. It is a good idea but it doesn’t mean that it’s not time to start thinking about the year 2016 ahead. Consider that many business owners may well be the recipients of some nifty new tech gadgets and mobile devices in their holiday stockings, which is the perfect opportunity for a mobile app recommendation list! If we follow the trend, the upcoming year will see that you manage your online marketing while on-the-go, from any location and at any time. Read ahead to find out which apps you should be getting to help your business succeed in the next year!


  1. Flipboard

Flipboard is a user-friendly app that enables you to follow content online that is relevant to your business. You can choose to follow a variety of categories, current events and news in your industry that would be informative to your clients. This mobile app allows you to stay current and also to curate and share relevant content on your business social media page, especially when you are low on time to create your own content. The easy thing is that Flipboard is integrated with Twitter and Facebook. It lets you stay up-to-date and gives you ideas for your own content that is relevant to the industry and your clients.

  1. Snapseed

You should know by now that content drives everything when it comes to online marketing, especially in 2016.  But, obviously, text alone will not cut it. You need blog articles, link-share type posts, social media offers and promotions, etc. Rich-media is in! You need high-resolution visuals to accompany the text. We aren’t all professional photographers. This is where mobile apps can come to help. When it comes to photo-editing the images taken on your mobile devices, Snapseed is the app. Get into the habit of taking photos daily of your business, be it of products, services as they are being used, satisfied customers, or your own staff in action. You will be able to edit these pictures to your satisfaction later with your Snapseed app where you can build a database of rich visuals to use in your content marketing quick and easy.

  1. Twitter

Surprised? Twitter as an essential app. Not many people bother accessing Twitter from their desktop anymore? Twitter has made some improvements so you can use it on the go. You’ll want to make sure you’re walking around with the sales tool in your hand at all times in 2016.

  1. Instagram

Instagram is a big player when it comes to visual marketing. You can edit captions, you have global advertising opportunities for brand profiles, and you can even place video ads on its platform. Instagram will be one of the most important mobile apps for businesses in the year ahead.

  1. Pinterest

Pinterest may be preferred by some on the desktop as opposed to the app when it comes to brand management, yet it still should be in your top mobile apps for business owners in 2016. This is especially true if you are a retailer. You will want to able to post on Pinterest during high traffic times to get your content in front of your audience, especially when you have incorporated rich pins into your content. The mobile app will allow you this comfort.

  1. Facebook Pages Manager

No surprise here. Your business needs to maintain a daily presence on Facebook and you need to be in the position to respond to follower engagement as soon as it happens. You can do your personal stuff on this popular social network when you get home, but when it comes to your business page, you need the Facebook Pages Manager app and set it up to receive push notifications.

  1. HootSuite

Last but not least is the app that pulls the above all together. Streamline social media posts and updates onto one mobile platform as much as possible so that you’re not having to juggle too many apps all at once. Download the most recently updated version of the HootSuite app and schedule your social media posts.


If you’re a dentist, you’re probably not the best or most apt social media guru. However, you can grow a following for your practice’s social media page with some basic knowledge of social media strategies.

Great social media posts are attractive to the audience in one way or another. They might be informative, funny, or offer freebies, but they all have one thing in common — all posts are beneficial to the audience. If you can offer your clients something through your social media content, you will be getting your effort’sworth out of your social media marketing.

Here’s how you can use social media marketing to attract and retain clients:

  1. Post Tips & Reminders

Post tips for home care between visits to your clinic. Post often, but spread your posts out. One tip per week helps keep the audience coming back to your page. The more they interact with your posts — by clicking, liking, retweeting, etc. — the more likely others are to see your content and visit your page!

Post reminders to make sure your patients know when it is time for their cleaning or checkup. Posts about the importance of routine checkups and other services remind current patients to return to your clinic and encourage new clients to start coming to you!

  1. Become a library of information

Publish informative articles on Facebook on topics such as interesting dental facts or foods that help prevent certain diseases so that patients are inclined to follow your page and learn new information. If you get a lot of questions on a certain topic, like invisible braces for example, use Facebook to answer FAQs.

In addition, if you post informative content, it can encourage existing followers to share the articles on their social media page because people like to share information that’s useful to their families and friends. This content-generated activity will increase your exposure and make it easy for patients to refer your clinic.

Also, remember to talk about your social media pages to patients or mention them in newsletters.

If you have authoritative information on a specific subject, such as orthodontics or oral surgery, you can provide expert and authoritative information on these lesser known topics. For example, a post on what to do for broken braces could be useful to many patients, and this valuable knowledge might prove more trustworthy when offered by an orthodontist they know.

By crafting social media content that appeals to your followers, you not only highlight your expertise, but you also remind patients about your clinic in a friendly, helpful way.

  1. Encourage Facebook page‘check-ins’ by offering incentives

Encourage your patients to ‘check-in’ their Facebook pages to increase your social media presence.


Checkingin is a user’s way of geotagging themselves so that their fellow Facebook friends know where they currently are. So if someone walks into your place of business and your business is listed in Facebook Places, then they could potentially decide to check-in.

To encourage your clients to ‘check-in’ their pages, offer to give them a special discount on a service, complimentary session, or other incentives. Getting patients to ‘check-in’ their Facebook accounts will help your clinic gain exposure as well as potential new clients.

Click here to find out how you can enable Facebook check-in for your fans.

  1. Publish visuals

Visiting a dental clinic can be daunting for more patients than you think. Reduce this fears by publishing fun photos!

Take photos of clinic or community events, happy patients, or before-and-after shots of smiling patients who just got their braces removed. Once you’ve taken photos, post them on your social media page once you get your patients’ consents.

Publishing fun photos will help create a fun and warm atmosphere in your clinic and increase patients’ willingness to visit your dental clinic.

  1. Develop clinic videos

In addition to publishing photos, post introductory videos of your staff to give potential clients and patients a better understanding of the dentists who work at your clinic. This helps increase your trustworthiness because patients will know they’re in good hands.

Posting staff videos can help your clinic gain exposure because you make referrals easier. Your current patients can share the videos with their friends who need a dentist.

Social media is an incredibly useful and cost-effective marketing tactic for promoting your dental clinic.

By sharing fun photos and videos of your staff and patients, encouraging Facebook check-ins, and becoming a helpful digital resource by posting reminders and facts, you can give your clinic more exposure to potential patients very effectively!