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If you have not yet noticed, big companies and even small businesses have already started using Twitter as it is the new way to promote, connect and brand a business. If your business has not taken advantage of an online presence, your business is definitely missing out on many benefits and opportunities to bring in potential clients. So why bother using Twitter for your business? Harness the power of social media! The following are reasons why you should start tweeting.

  1. Connecting With Clients

This is the key reason why you should get on Twitter for your small business. You will be able to connect with your followers and potential clients because they themselves are using Twitter. Twitter has become a daily routine for most users who log onto it every single day, and check in at multiple times in the day. Some users log onto Twitter first thing in the morning, even before brushing their teeth. If you have an unsatisfied customer you will most likely hear from them on Twitter. This will help your business to help them. See what people are tweeting about your product or service.


  1. Branding

You do not have to be a big brand like Microsoft, Adidas or Tim Horton’s to brand yourself on Twitter. You can be an average joe, small business owner and still brand yourself on Twitter. If your company is not recognized, you need to get a personal account that identifies your story and what your company does. Nobody want to talk to a logo unless it’s a famous brand. You will connect with more followers when they know you are a person and not a robot.

  1. Client Feedback

Once you have established a connection with your followers and potential clients, you will soon be getting feedback on how you can improve your product, your services and maybe even your customer service. Listening to them will help you in the future. You can tweet a question to get a grasp of how satisfied your clients are.

  1. Marketing

One of the reasons to use Twitter is for marketing purposes. Get your product or service out there to a wide audience for absolutely FREE. You don’t have to pay to have a business account on Twitter.

  1. News

You can tweet the latest business updates on Twitter. Keep your audience informed of special offers and promotions as well as new products and services.

6. Give Away Coupon Codes and Promotions

You can tweet about new deals and give out coupon codes to give your company the extra boost and to attract new clients. Everyone loves getting a good deal. Special offers and incentives are great for small businesses because they help bring in new customers. You can use these promotions as a thank you to your loyal followers as well.

7. Twitter is Viral

If you follow the most successful businesses and brands on Twitter, you will know just how viral Twitter can be. Use the fast-paced sharing of tweets as your marketing strategy for your future promotions.

8. Spy on Competitors

Did you know that you can spy on competition too? The best part about this and keeping tabs on your clients and customers is that it is FREE using Twitter search. You can not only read what customers are talking about, but you can also read what they are saying about your competition. If your competitors are not dealing well with customer complaints, what would happen if you suddenly tweet an answer for them about their concerns? You can offer them a solution or suggest they try something new.

9. Increase Your Sales

Twitter can help you increase sales and ultimately make profit for your business. The best part is that Twitter is free advertising for your business. However, it also takes time to engage in and this is where many businesses falter…social media marketing is a medium to long term marketing strategy on the whole and you need to be committed to it. Twitter is completely free and possibly the fastest way to build a list of prospects, but it doesn’t end here; you need to keep your followers entertained and informed and that takes valuable time.

10. Foster Brand Loyalty

At the end of the day, once you have engaged with your followers and helped your customers on Twitter, they will be loyal to your brand for a quite some time as long as you post regularly. The Twitter platform is there and ready to use… so what you waiting for? Start tweeting.


Small business owners have been drawn to social media as a modern way to promote and market their business to get people to take notice. However, not many small businesses have actually had success keeping up with the constant updating and maintenance that is required on social media. A little time and effort is a small price to pay if it means gaining more followers and potential clients for your business. One was to gain exposure is to run a Facebook giveaway contest or sweepstakes to get your fans excited about an upcoming event, special offer or sale at your business. Even more benefits await you because a giveaway can also be an effective way to thank & reward the online users who have already gone out of their way to ‘Like’ your small business page and who are loyal to checking your page when you post.

The most successful small business Facebook giveaway doesn’t require your followers to dedicate that much time to participate. Much like yourself, your fans are busy so make sure the giveaway is time-effective for everyone. Keep it simple to optimize engagement and success.

Social media allows businesses to create their own contests and giveaways that can build links to your website (excellent for SEO), boost traffic and create social engagement with fans and clients. This can lead to increased brand awareness and the sharing of your contest on social platforms. Ultimately, giving away something for free can result in free marketing for your brand.

Ask yourself what the main purpose of the giveaway is. Is your focus to increase social engagement on your Facebook page? Or do you prefer to use giveaways as a link building technique? Ask yourself if you would want to enter this contest or giveaway. The better the prize, the more people you’ll get to like your page. People love getting things for free. One of the main reasons that people “Like” a business Facebook page is so that they can get a discount or win something. You need to determine your budget for promoting the giveaway and for the prize.

Sweepstakes Like

Gain their attention with a fun & unique reward

We all love getting things for free and we all love winning contests. With a small business Facebook giveaway, clients feel that their chances of winning are more attainable than a large known brand with thousands of participants. Most often, followers won’t really mind what they are getting for free, as long as it is free, fun and easy to claim.


Make the entry method entertaining and a memorable experience with your brand

Small business Facebook giveaways have guidelines to follow, but once you’ve set up the basics, let your creativity run wild. If you’re on Facebook have you entered any giveaways yourself? Think about what you’ve found to be exciting in the past or what your fans and followers would be willing to take part in. Consider asking trivia questions, running a poll on your products or common topics, asking clients to submit their own content such as photos, opinions, or feedback, or creating an interactive game. These are some of the most engaging ways to implement a giveaway or contest with your followers. If it is part of your small business practise, remember to request that users ‘Like’ your page before entering, so you can benefit from an increase in fans at the least.


Reward your most loyal social media fans

If you want people to start talking about your Facebook business page, you need to make the faithful followers feel special. Have a Facebook Fan night. Choose a particular idividual that always comments on your page and do something special for them. This small gesture goes a long way, and it will really increase your word-of-mouth marketing. You can generate social engagement by having users view and follow you on your social media channels. Gaining this exposure will give you a chance to find new Brand Ambassadors, customers, and to increase your organic traffic from search engines.  For a small price, you can gain an amazing number of followers and get your business out there!

small business giveaways

These tips should give you a basic guideline for how to approach the small business Facebook giveaway process. Do some research and check out some case studies of other successful giveaways by small businesses or contact Mobi Apps Experts. Learn from the best!


New Year, new you! Shouldn’t the same be for your business? Surely you have a few New Year resolutions for yourself for this year; however, have you considered any for your business? Small or big, your business deserves to be the best! If you are starting a business or if you have already established one, a mobile app is an absolute must! Look around, how many hands do you see void of a smart phone? None! Owning a smart phone is a trend going viral beyond our imagination! Now, in such circumstances, would you not want your customers to be able to access your company with ease, and have it at their fingertips? Here are 5 reasons why creating a mobile app for your business is a great way to progress.

  1. Integration

Creating a mobile app enables you to integrate all of your online platforms. It is a centralized place for all of your social media. A mobile app will allow you to maintain the most essential aspect of your website, and allows a potential customer to get a quick overview of your business  with ease. The customer will have access to your business at any time of the day and at any place through via an app on their smart phone.

  1. Up-to-date

Staying relevant is another way of understanding this. Publishing a mobile app helps you keep the relevant information needed and keeps you relevant to the audience using it. The latest studies show that people will spend as much time, if not more on mobile apps compared to online tools.  Up-to-date analytics say that 80% of all IOS and Android users spend time on the web via mobile apps rather than the traditional web browser.

  1. Customization for ease of access

The main purpose of the mobile app is to engage audience faster and attract them towards your business. Your mobile app should not be a replica of your website. It should be a brief and pared down version of your website. It should include relevant information and avoid the inclusion of extreme details. This will ensure a visually clean and an easy to use app. In the case of more information, referral should be made to your website.

  1. Increased Engagement

Evidently, there is increased engagement through the use of a mobile app. The days of shouting from the top of your lungs in public place to get attention have long disappeared. Customers want to be heard, and their opinion is valued by a company they work with.

  1. Special Benefits

Another benefit of a mobile app is to offer special benefits to the users. Many of the mobile app platforms let you to offer prizes or special offers. App users can get the offers through text messages or as an alert when they open the app. If you give exclusive offers through your app, customers will be more likely to use it and also to recommend others. Mobile devices are quickly becoming the way that customers find services they need, and access information they want online. Rather than be left in the dust, creating a mobile app for your company can keep you relevant and help your company to grow.